Trick to make Fake and Prank Call

Learn the Trick on how to make a fake and a prank call to any number from any caller id in any part of world.

Fake and Prank Call
Making prank and fooling your friends is everyone's wish. The most lovable and enjoyable prank everybody like is to make fool of friends by giving a blank call. For more fun they even want to make a fake call by any other unknown number but for this they have to buy a new connection or SIM. This seems to be not possible every time.

So to make such calls from a single SIM or number, there is a Trick by which you can make a fake and prank call from any number and make fool of friends or people (which may have any telecom operator) by displaying any caller id of your choice on their phone's display or screen.

Note : This Trick must not be used for any illegal purpose. You may use this Trick to make anyone's fool and should be only used for fun or annoying purpose. We may not be held responsible for any injury or damage caused due to this Trick.

What all you may do from this Trick ?

Fake and Prank Call
  • You may change your Caller ID. This means when you call someone, he/she would see the number you selected, on his/her Caller ID display.
  • You may even change the Pitch of our Voice. Which may result in deep and creepy or high and funny Voice.

How this Trick Works ?

Crazy Call
This Trick is basically performed by the website Crazycall. So to use this trick, you just go to this website through this link Crazycall.net and then follow the given below simple steps:
  • Firstly, select the Country from which you are calling from.
  • Then choose the Caller ID you want to display.
  • Enter the number you want to call.
  • Select the Pitch of the voice you want (or leave it as it is if you don't want to change voice).
  • Finally press "Get me a Code" button.
Fake and Prank Call
Now they will provide you with number to Call and a Code to Enter. Finally call that number provided and then enter the code when asked and they will connect your call to your friend with the Caller ID and voice you have selected.

Note : The number they would provide would be the international number. So international rates may apply.

So this the simple Trick to make Fake and Prank Call.

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