How to increase Facebook timeline privacy ?

Learn the basic most important tricks and tips to increase your Facebook Timeline Privacy.

Facebook Timeline
Facebook has now introduced its new feature, Facebook's timeline. It would be applied to all the Facebook accounts soon, whether you like it or not.

But I personally feels that it is good that Facebook has introduced this feature for all accounts, as it provides easy way to find Facebook activities like events, wall posts, etc. because it provides us and even others to search any Facebook profile's activity by date.

Why there is a need to Increase Facebook Timeline Privacy ?

The answer to this question may be this, that Facebook timeline shows all your Facebook activities done from the date of joining Facebook to the date your Facebook account is active and live. It would show all the activities of the Facebook profile categorized by date. So this may become the issue of losing the information, which you think must be kept private, over the Facebook and internet.

So there are the top 5 tips on how to increase Facebook timeline privacy. Go to the privacy settings and change the settings under different options.

1)  How You Connect, and Change Settings like :
  • Who can Post on Your Timeline ?
  •  Who can See Posts by Others on Your Timeline ?
How You Connect
2) How Tags Work, and Change the Settings like :
  • Maximum Timeline Visibility
How Tags Work
3)  Limit Your Past Post Visibility

For this Go to
  • Limit the Audience for Past Posts " and Click " Manage Past Post Visibility " and then " Limit Old Posts ".
This Option will Change All Your Past Posts to Friends Only, even if You Initially made them Public in Past when Posting.
Limit Past Post Visibility
4) Hide or Delete Your Past Posts

This is the step in which you would be Hiding or Deleting the Old Facebook Activities from Timeline. But this is the Hard Part because it Depends upon the Number of Posts You Posted in Past on Facebook.

It is the most Time Consuming step but it's Worth It. Some Items, such as Friend Acceptances, will be Grouped Together and You may have the Option of Hiding all of them at once.

You can do this step by just Selecting the unwanted activity or post and selecting " Hide from Timeline " or " Delete the Post ", from the post option.

Hide or Delete Your Past Posts

5) Delete the Posts From Other People's on Your Profile

After successful step of hiding and deleting your timeline's post, it's time to delete other people's (friend’s) posts or activities from your timeline. This is perhaps a most important step than deleting and hiding the posts on your timeline. This step is most important because you have no control over, how other's protect their Facebook privacy.

Like for example: you want to remove the comment made by your friend on your timeline. Now you would be thinking that you would hide or delete it from your timeline, but it may not be deleted from your friend timeline. So the concern of your privacy would be leaked by that comment on your friend's profile.

So to remove the posts from someone else's profile, go to your timeline and click activity log. Now you can see all the activities like (whether by you or your friend): comments, likes, events, etc.; organized by date. So just according to your privacy hide or delete those posts.

Note : The Activities Like Friend Acceptance and Events Like Birth, are the Items which You may Hide from Timeline but You Can't Delete.

So these are simple Top 5 Tips on How to Increase Facebook Timeline Privacy.

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