Trick to find Bug in Windows Calculator

Learn the Trick to find the bug in the Calculator of the most popular operating system i.e. Microsoft Windows.

Calculator Bug
Microsoft Windows is one of the best operating system of all others but still there are some of the problems and issues related to it. The problems like crashing, hanging etc are common in all the operating systems and we are aware of those issues, but there are many bugs and issues in that we are not even aware of.

Like the there is a Bug in Windows Calculator. So to find the Bug in Calculator, just check out these simple steps :

1) Open Calculator by clicking Start >>  Run  >>  type " calc "  >>  Enter.

2) Now calculate the following on Calculator :
  • Type 16.
  • Take its square root by using the square root () button.
  • Now you will get 4.
  • Now subtract 4 from it by pressing minus (-) button.
  • Now calculate the result by pressing equal to (=) button.
Calculator Bug
3) Now you have found the bug in Microsoft Windows Calculator i.e. the answer should have to be zero (0) but it is not, instead it is a long number something like "-4.561669785727164e-20" as the answer.

Note : You can also try with your own Number (which is a perfect square of number) and can even find the bug in Windows Calculator with that number also. The bug would be still there.

So it is simple Trick to Find Bug in Windows Calculator.

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