Trick to search Google without internet through mobile

Learn the easiest way to get the answer for your search query through Google via sms without using Internet.

Search Google without Internet through Mobile
Google is the one of the top search engine on World Wide Web i.e. Internet. We can find the result for any type of query by just typing the query in Google search box and pressing Google “search button“ or "I am feeling lucky". But the only problem with getting results through this way i.e. By Google is that we need an internet or GPRS connection available to us, either on computer or mobile.

So to resolve this problem and finding solution for this problem, there is a Trick to search Google without internet through mobile that we are going to discuss here.
SMS your search query to Google
  • Now for this trick we only need a mobile phone with capability of sending SMS.
  • When you have the Mobile phone with you, just send a SMS with your search query to 9-77-33-00000.
  • Now within few minutes you will receive the search results matching your query from Google in your Mobile inbox.
Kindly Note : This service is free of cost from Google, but you may be charged as per standard message rates of your network operator for sending messages.

So it is a simple trick to search Google without internet through mobile.

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