How to send pictures during Facebook chat ?

Learn the easiest Trick to send pictures and symbols while chatting on Facebook with friends.

Send pictures during Facebook Chat
Facebook is now one of the most successful social networking site all over the world and behind it there may be the hand of the most popular Facebook chat option. Now Facebook have added one new interesting feature to the its chat option. Facebook users can now insert the Facebook profile's or Facebook page's pictures, in chat during the chat session. The option for adding pictures during chat session is very simple.

To use this option just follow the given below simple steps of the Trick to send pictures during Facebook chat :

  • Login into your Facebook account.
  • Open the chat bar to chat with your any online friend.
  • Now just type unique id or username of any profile or page between [[  ]].
For Example : [[toptrickstips]]
  • Now it is done. See the result and enjoy.
Facebook Chat Trick
So it is a simple Trick to Send Pictures during Facebook Chat.

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