Top 7 things to check before buying a Laptop

Learn more about the things that you should ensure before buying a Laptop.

Laptop is a Very Handy Device like a Computer. As we all know that it is very Useful and the Introduction for the same is Unnecessary here. So here are Top 7 Tips to Check Before Buying a Laptop so that to remain Safe.

1) Check Package Contents

We should firstly check the Laptop package. This means you should check that, whether the listed items on the Laptop guide are present or not. Mainly you should see that all the essential cables are in the Laptop package.
Check Package Contents
2) Inspect the Laptop's Exterior

We should now check the Laptop's exterior. This means to check the front, back, top, bottom and sides to ensure that there are no dents, Scratches, etc. If detected, then it should be return back to the manufacturer and should be asked for a replacement.
Inspect the Laptop's Exterior
3) Boot Up the Machine

Boot Up the Laptop to check for any abnormal message(s) ( if any ) during the boot up sequence. There should be no weird message(s) during boot up. If there is any then you should need to contact the manufacturer immediately.
Boot Up the Machine
4) Ensure the Hardware Correctness

The next thing is to ensure that the hardware is in line with what you Ordered. You should Check the List of Hardware that are connected and installed are correct. Check that CPU Information is Correct. This all can be Checked in System Properties and Device Manager Option. Check the List of Hardware Listed by the Operating System against the items You Ordered in your Receipt.
Ensure the Hardware Correctness
5) Test the Keyboard and Track pad

The Keyboard and Track pad is something that the Users usually Forget to Test. We should Open Up the Notepad and Test out each & Every key on the Keyboard. For the Track pad, We should Ensure that it Scrolls Properly and Navigation is Easy.
Test the Keyboard and Track pad
6) Test Out all the Ports And Connections

The Ports and Connections on the Laptop are very Important Components, so We should make Sure to Check that the DVD Tray, Finger Print Reader, USB Ports, Bluetooth, Video Output Ports and Printer Connection all Work Normally.
Test Out all the Ports And Connections

7) Check the Laptop Screen

Finally We Should Check that the Laptop Screen is Free from Dead Pixels. We can do this with some Help from a Program called Dead Pixel Buddy. If any Dead Pixels are Spotted and they are Above the Limit Specified by the Purchase Policy then You have the Right to Return the Unit to the Manufacturer and get it Replaced.
Check the Laptop Screen
Note : You should not only just Follow these Tips mentioned, but should also use Your Own Common Sense at the Time of Purchasing the Laptop.

So these are Top 7 Tips to Check Before Buying a Laptop.

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