Microsoft Surface Tablet Review

Microsoft Surface Tablet review and full specifications are explained here in details.

Microsoft Surface Tablet
From Touch to Type, Office to Living Room, from your Screen to the Big Screen, you can see more, share more, and do more with Microsoft Surface Tablet. Create, Collaborate, and Get stuff done with Office. 

Microsoft Surface Tablet has Magnesium Chassis, Vapour Deposition Coating, Cutaway Edges, ClearType HD Display. The Design Credentials and the Specifications for Microsoft's New Windows RT Tablet are Impressive. It is a Delightful Piece of Hardware that Looks Good.

There are two Variants of Microsoft Surface Tablet to be Launched : 
Microsoft Surface Tablet  - Windows RT and Pro

Microsoft Surface with Windows RT
  • The Windows RT model Weighs 676g, is 9.3mm thin and comes with what Microsoft calls a 10.6", 16:9 Clear Type HD Display.
  • The battery's a 31.5W-h model, you can choose between 32GB and 64GB of on-board storage, and connectors include Micro SD, USB 2.0, Micro HD Video and 2x2 MIMO antennae for better WiFi performance.
  • Microsoft Home and Student 2013 RT is pre-installed on the Windows RT Surface Tablet.
Microsoft Surface with Windows 8 Professional

The Pro model is heavier - 930g and 13.5mm thicker - to make room for an Intel Ivy Bridge i5 processor. This time the Clear Type display is "Full HD", which implies 1920x1080 resolution. The battery's bigger too, at 42W-h, and the connectors include MicroSDXC, USB 3.0, Mini Display Port and the same antennae. Storage options for the big Surface are 64GB and 128GB.

Microsoft Surface Tablet Specifications

Microsoft Surface Tablet Explained

Here is an Official Microsoft Video about Microsoft Surface Tablet. So watch it and Read Further.

Always on the go
Microsoft Surface Tablet- Always on the Go

It is Thin, Light, Comfortable to Hold and it has a great Battery. At 9.3mm, Surface for Windows RT is just thin enough to still support a Full sized USB port. It runs Windows RT as excellently as we would expect.

Hands off entertainment
Microsoft Surface Tablet - Entertaiment
Surface has a 10.6", 16:9 widescreen HD Display. The 10.6" Screen fills most of the Surface's front display, but the Four edges have Half an Inch of Bezel to hold it comfortably. The edges are sloped to give a Comfortable Grip. If you don't want to Hold it, there's a Built-in Stand that's like a large hinge running across the entire back of the Surface.

Microsoft's ClearType HD Display Technology delivers a great picture for movies. An Ultra-Wide viewing angle makes it easy for your friends to share in the vibrant experience. The Auto-adjusting screen intensity delivers great Visual Clarity, indoors and out. The addition of the Micro SD card slot means you can bring your entire movie and music collection with you on vacation.

Both Microsoft Surface Tablets have a Touch Cover and a Type Cover.

Type with ease and get stuff done
Microsoft Surface Tablet - Easy Typing

Some activities call for a keyboard. Surface comes with an integrated Kickstand and a revolutionary, 3mm thin, pressure sensitive cover that doubles as a fully functioning keyboard and trackpad.

Microsoft has included the fewest ports it could get away with; the bottom edge is filled with the magnetic keyboard connector, the top has the power button and the sides have two speakers, dual microphones, microSD, one USB 2.0 port (USB 3.0 for the Surface Pro) and Micro HDMI (on the surface Pro that's mini DisplayPort), plus a magnetic power connector.

Capture Life from all Sides
Microsoft Surface Tablet - Capture all Sides
Surface has not just one, but Two Cameras. The Front LifeCam can be used to Chat with the people that you care about. The Rear-Facing LifeCam is angled to 22 degrees so you can flip out the Kickstand and Record Meetings and events Hands-Free.

Pen Input for Handwriting
Microsoft Surface Tablet - Pen Touch

The Surface Tablet ships with a Pen and Features “palm block” meaning when the Pen Tip is Touching the Screen, it would ignore the touch of the Palm and the Fingers. Surface could Turn out to be a great writing device albeit less heavy.

Protect what matters
Microsoft Surface Tablet - Protect
Surface is designed to be your Go-to-Device. It comes with a precision Crafted VaporMg casing that protects the Vital Technology inside and leaves a High Quality Finish and Feel.

Express YourselfMicrosoft Surface Tablet - Touch Covers
Touch Cover comes in five vibrant colors. Type Cover offers classic typing experience for those who prefer a more Traditional Keyboard. Pick the one that Best meets your needs and represents your sense of Style.

Microsoft Surface Tablet - Availability
Microsoft says that Surface would be made available around the same time as Windows 8 so the release date is likely to be October or November 2012. The units will initially be sold only in the Microsoft Stores in U.S. and there’s no word on pricing yet.

Pricing Microsoft Surface Tablet
Microsoft Surface Tablet - Price
The iPad costs $500 for the 16 GB version while the Samsung Galaxy Tab and the ASUS Transformer, both 10.1″ Android tablets, are priced at around $400 each. Surface will probably target this segment and could carry a similar price tag.

Speaking of Ultrabook PCs, Dell XPS 13 and HP Envy Spectre XT, both 13″ Ultrabooks, start at $1000 while the Samsung Series 5 Ultrabook is currently available for $800. The 13″ Toshiba Portege Ultrabook is priced at $900.

By looking at the similar Gadgets, We suspect that the Low-End Tablet will go for $500 and the High-End will Scales at $800 or more.

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