Top 10 Tips to choose the Password

The best practice to make your passwords much strong, difficult and hard to guess so that people can't find access it without your permission.

Tips to choose the Password
Everyone wants a Password for his / her Account that is much Difficult and Hard to Guess. They need Security for there Accounts, Computer, Mobiles, etc. Every Secured Account needs a Good Password so people can't find access it without your Permission, especially if it has something to do with them.

Top 10 Tips to Choose the Password
Tips to choose the Password
1) Come up with something that has nothing to do with your personality. It will leave the trespassers guessing.

2) Make up nonsense words. It will be almost impossible to guess it.
Don't tell your password to anyone

3) Don't tell your password to anyone! You may want to give your password to your parent or spouse in case of an emergency, but no one else.

4) Don't give it online. If someone over the Internet asks for your login password to, for example, help do some html coding for your webs.com site or pass a level on the computer game, say no! Rather ask them whether they could explain it to you instead.

5) Try to mix your password with numbers. The more digits, the more possible combination. The more combination, the harder it is to crack the password.
Mix your password with numbers

6) Use something familiar for your password. If you can't think of anything, choose a password about a family member. Try one that you haven't seen in months or years, or one that has been deceased for quite a while.

7) Change it when necessary. Make a few times a year when you change something in your password.

For example, at the end of every school term. So at the start of the year your password is [insertlettersinyourpasswordhere]123, then at the end of the term it would be [intsertlettersinyourpasswordhere]124. This makes it harder for someone to crack your password as it is constantly changing.

8) Change it if you have any suspicious feelings of someone knowing your password. Change it whether you know it as a fact or not! If you don't want to change your password into something completely different, use the step above and just change a small aspect of it.
Increase your password length

9) Keep the password between 6-12 characters long because some things that require you to have a password for have character minimums and maximums of around 6 (min) and 12 (max).

10) Write it down on a piece of paper until you memorize it. After you have memorized it rip it up, throw it into multiple garbage bins. You don't want anybody finding it. Remember to hide it while you have it.

We may use these Tips to Chose Password for our any kind of Accounts, but should always Remember that do not ever give in and give someone your password, It can not be Stressed enough.

So these are Top 10 Tips to Choose the Password.

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