Top 5 Tips to Protect Online Accounts

We should make sure that our Online Accounts are Safe.To make sure, we can follow some of these Tips that will help to Protect your Online Accounts.

How to Protect Online Acccount

Every minute one or more Account or Site is being Hacked in some or other corner of the World. Having an Account Hacked can be Disastrous and can be threat to the Privacy, especially if there are Secured Information like the Online Banking Information, etc.

The Banks and Companies are constantly upgrading their Security Policies and the most of Loop Holes but it’s not enough. We should make sure that our Online Accounts are Safe.

To make sure, we can follow some of these Tips that will help to Protect your Online Accounts.

1) Use Strong Passwords.
Strong Password

Use of Strong Passwords is the Best and most Followed way to ensure the increased security of Online Accounts. It so Important to have a Unique Password for each and every Accounts. 

We can Create Strong Passwords very easily. Never forget to Combine Letters, Numbers and Symbols in your Password. It’s also a Great Idea to Change the Passwords regularly as per your Satisfaction.

Using Strong Passwords is also just not enough to Protect the Online Accounts as it will not protect us from Serious Hackers that rely on Malware like Key loggers or others to Steal the Data. So We should Protect our Computers also.

2) Protect the Computer.
Protect Computer

Protecting the Computer is an important part of Securing the Online Accounts. We need to have Unbreakable and Tight Security Software to Prevent those Advanced Hackers from Accessing our Online Accounts and other Sensitive Private Data. 

There are many Security Softwares available Online or Offline and both Paid and Free. There may also be an Advanced Firewall Solution in place of Default Windows Firewall. We should also Update Computer and the Security Softwares on Daily or Weekly basis.

3) Keep Check on the Running Processes.
Processes in Task Manager
In the Computer, every Single Application or Program, either Visible or Hidden, Launches a Process in the Computer which can be seen under the Process Tab of Windows Task Manager

So if the Computer is Infected, most probably there would be an unknown Process running. So we should check Running Processes on a Regular basis. We can Open Windows Task Manager by simply pressing ( Ctrl + Shift + Esc ) Keys.

4) Download with Really Eyes Open.
Free Download
Everyone likes Downloading the Free Stuff from the Internet. But Sometimes Downloading that Free Stuff can be Dangerous for the Computer. There are a lot of Free Downloads which are Perfect and Fine and are provided from the Trusted and Legitimate Sources but many other are Infected. 

These Infected Files are just only Designed to Wreak the Computer and Steal the Data. So Never Download anything that Looks Suspicious and try to Stick to Trusted and Legitimate Free Downloads whether it be Softwares, Songs, or Videos, etc.

5) Don't Trust Public Networks.
Wi-Fi Hotspot -Unprotected Public Network
We might have gone to the place where there is the Open Wi-Fi Network and is available to be Connected easily without any Password and we all love using that Free Wi-Fi Network. They are Great for Browsing the Web and Surfing the other Stuff Online but it’s not a Good Idea to use them for Online Banking, Shopping and moreover the Email Purpose.

These Networks are Unprotected and this means that a Hacker there in the same area can easily access all of the Open Accounts on that Network and can easily Steal the Passwords, and it would be the Silly Question that " How can the Password be Hacked ? ". 
So we should avoid using the Unprotected Public Network for above mentioned purposes.

So these are Top 5 Tips to Protect Online Accounts.

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