Top 5 upcoming Gadgets after June 2012

Explore the top 5 amazing and fabulous gadgets that seems to be launched after June 2012.

Top 5 Gadgets
A Gadget is a Small Tool such as a Machine that has a particular Function, but is often thought of as a Novelty. Gadgets are invariably considered to be more Unusually or Cleverly designed than Normal Tools at the Time of their Invention.

In the Software Industry, "Gadget" refers to Computer Programs that provide Services without needing an Independent Application to be Launched for each one, but instead Run in an Environment that manages Multiple Gadgets.These Gadgets are thus very useful.

Top 5 Upcoming Gadgets after June 2012

1) Apple iPhone 5
iPhone 5
Apple's Sixth Generation iPhone 5 ( or whatever Apple ends up calling it ) is nothing but an Assumption right now but if it release schedules hold to pattern, we should see it either in June, or more likely fall of 2012. 

Read the full review of this Gadget here:
Rumors and feature wish-lists include a 4-inch screen, a faster Apple A6 chipset, though whether or not it's quad-core is up for grabs. Real 4G LTE Networking could be possible, depending on Battery life and whether Apple feels carriers have rolled out enough LTE in enough places to make it worthwhile. 

Thinner, lighter, more storage, and pricing and availability are all possible features expected from it right now.
iPhone 5 Imagined 

2) Quad Core Mobile Devices
Quad Core Mobile
Dual Core is Old now. Welcome Quad Core. It is being said that Quad Core Smartphones with High Resolution Screens and Graphics will take over in 2012. 

Some of the expected Features that a Quad Core Smartphone would Offer are :
  • Advanced Video and Photo Edition.
  • Multi Tab Web Browsing.
  • High End Graphics Games.
  • Improved Voice Control and Air Gestures.
  • Better Multi-Tasking.
nVidia Quad Core

3) Microsoft Surface Tablet
Microsoft Surface Tablet - Front View

This is the Tablet that has a Unique Expression of Entertainment and Creativity. It is the Tablet that Works and Plays as the Way you want. It is a new type of Computing and Surface.

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From Touch to Type, Office to Living Room, from your Screen to the Big screen, you can see more, share more, and do more with Microsoft Surface Tablet. We can Create, Collaborate, and Get Stuff done with Office, can explore the World with Fast, fluid Windows 8 Apps, and can Discover new Music, Movies, and Games in the Windows Store.
Microsoft Surface Tablet - Side View

An OLED TV Screen Uses a new Display Technology called OLED i.e. Organic Light Emitting Diodes. OLED Televisions are Brighter, More Efficient, Thinner and Feature better Refresh Rates and Contrast than either LCD or Plasma. OLEDs are made by placing Thin Films of Organic ( Carbon Based ) materials between two Conductors. 

When Electrical Current is Applied, a Bright Light is Emitted. The OLED materials Emit Light and do not require a Backlight ( unlike LCDs ). Each pixel is a Small Light Emitting Diode, in fact. 

OLED TV Panels offers several Advantages over LCDs :
  • Faster Refresh Rate, Better Contrast and Better Color Reproduction.
  • Thickness is negligible as Prototypes of OLED Televisions are merely 0.3mm Thick.
  • Better Viewing Angle. Almost 180 degrees.
  • Greener: OLEDs Draw Less Power and contain no Bad Metals.
  • OLED Panels can Potentially be made Flexible and/or Transparent.

OLED TV Specified

5) Lytro Cameras
Lytro Camera
Lytro Camera lets us to take Pictures like Never Before. Unlike a Conventional Camera that captures a Single Plane of Light, the Lytro Camera Captures the Entire Light Field, which is all the Light Traveling in every Direction in every point in Space.
The Lytro Camera is Small, Light, and Stunning. 

Since we'll Capture the Color, Intensity, and Direction of all the light, we can Experience the First Major Light Field capability - focusing after the fact. Focus and Re-Focus, Anywhere in the Picture.

We can re-Focus our Pictures at Anytime. And focusing after the fact, means no Auto-Focus Motor. No Auto-Focus Motor means no Shutter Delay. So we can Capture the moment we meant to Capture, not the One a Shutter Delayed Camera Captured for us.

So these are Latest Top 5 Upcoming Gadgets after June 2012.

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