Trick to add emoticons in Facebook chat

Use Facebook official option for adding emoticons in chat. No need of using any third party applications for inserting emoticons to Facebook chat.

Facebook -  Emoticons
Facebook has now Officially added an Option of Emoticons in its Chat ( Web Version ). We can add Emoticons in our Chat without using any Third Party Applications that provide Option for Inserting Emoticons to Facebook Chat.

We have already discussed about some other Facebook chat tricks earlier like :

Now we have come with the official Facebook trick. So to know about how to use this Trick which, just read further.

As we just Sends Text by typing inside Chat Menu, now there’s a Little Menu of the most Common Emoticons in the Bottom Right of any Chat Window. We have to just Click one to add it to Current Instant Message. Facebook even made a “ Thumbs Up ” Emoticon for its Like Button.
Facebook Emoticons
Right now there are only 21 Emoticons in the Menu, including the Standard Frown and Wink, as well as a Heart, Devil, and the Like Icon. Click one, and the Text Code for it will be added to your Chat. You can still use Emoticons like Kiss ( :-* ) even though it’s not in the Menu and can still use any Celebrity or Friend’s Face.
Facebook Mobile
There’s currently no emoticon menu in the Formal Messages part of the Site, even though it’s connected to Chat. There’s also no Emoticon Menus in the Mobile Apps, and if you send someone on Mobile one from the Web, it will just appear as a Text code instead of a Real Emoticon. For example the Like Emoticon just appears as its Code (y) when Sent to Mobile.

So this is a simple Trick to Add Emoticons in Facebook Chat.

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