Top 10 best Managed Hosting providers

List of the Top 10 best managed hosting providers that will provide you the great service.

Managed Hosting Server
The Dedicated Managed Hosting Service, Dedicated Hosting Services, Managed Hosting Services, or Dedicated Server is a type of Internet Hosting in which the Client Leases an Entire Server Not Shared with Anyone. This is more Flexible than Shared Hosting, as Organizations have Full Control over the Server(s), including choice of Operating System, Hardware, etc. Server Administration can usually be provided by the Managed Hosting Provider as an Add-On Service. Dedicated servers are most often Housed in Data Centers, similar to Co Location Facilities, providing Redundant Power Sources and HVAC Systems.

Thus a Managed Web Hosting is a Dedicated Server that is accompanied by a Full Suite of Technical Support, Maintenance and Monitoring Services. This differs from Dedicated Web Hosting, where Customers are provided with their Own Servers but are still Responsible for Virtually all Administrative and Maintenance Duties.
Web Hosting Solutions
There are many Managed Hosting Providers and their Managed Hosting Solutions depends and vary according to the Price and many other factors like the type of Dedicated Hosting i.e. either Windows Dedicated Hosting, Dedicated Linux Hosting, or any other.

But to choose the Best one is not everyone's Cup Of Tea.
So to provide you with the Best Managed Hosting Solutions we have created a list of Top 10 Best Managed Hosting Providers. We have Reviewed these Managed Hosting Providers and Rated them Out Of 10, so have a look.

1) Just Host
Just Host
Boasting Robust Functionality and Highly Responsive Support, Just Host is an Excellent Web Hosting Service and is Highly deserving. This Hosting Provider Delivers well-rounded Hosting Packages replete with everything you need to Build, Publish and Maintain a Website.

Just Host Manages to Provide a Wide range of Advanced Features 
while Still Maintaining an intuitive ease of use that helps diminish the inherent Complexity and Learning Curve Associated with Web Hosting. As a Result, the Service is an Excellent Option whether or not you are familiar with Web Hosting.

After reviewing Just Host we rate and give it 9.70 out of 10.

2) Go Daddy
Go Daddy
Go Daddy is the Giant of the Web Hosting Service Industry, many Times Larger than any other Domain RegistrarThey service Upwards of 45 million Domain Names and the Number is on the Rise. They definitely know what they are doing, and you can Count on their service to be Reliable and Competent. 

They have some of the Best Domain 
Searching Features available. If a domain you want to Purchase is no longer available, Go Daddy can put it on Back Order. They also provide a massive Domain Auction where the Shortest, Spiciest Domain Names are Up for Grabs. Because they have Grown so Large, you can also Expect Go Daddy to be somewhat more Commercially Minded and Less Personal.

After reviewing Go Daddy we rate and give it 8.95 out of 10.

3) iPage
Every Day, New Businesses take the Plunge into Cyberspace. They do it because that is where the Money is going. If you want to stay ahead of the pack, you have to get in the Race as early as possible. To have the Best Possible chances for Success, you need a Web Hosting service like iPage. 

This Web Host is Popular for their 
Comprehensive and Inexpensive Starter Package. The Basic Package includes Unlimited Bandwidth and Disk Space, which gives your Business Room to Grow. It includes Unlimited Domain Email Accounts, which ensures your Company a Serious, Professional Appearance. You even get Access to various Shopping Cart Applications and other Marketing Tools to Drive Traffic to your Site and move Capital with ease. This Web Hosting Service is Perfect for Beginner and Intermediate-Level Users.

After reviewing iPage we rate and give it 8.93 out of 10.

4) Arvixe
Arvixe is a Web Hosting Provider known for its Wide-Ranging Hosting Packages, Decent Up-time Record and Beneficial Support Options. The Service provides all the Basic Web Hosting Features, plus Easy-to-Use Site Creation Tools and Notable Domain Capabilities. Overall, Arvixe is a Great Hosting Option but it is Lacking a few handy, though Non-Essential Features. And while the Service provides useful Support Resources, its Response Times can vary Greatly. While you’ll definitely Pay a little more for this Web Hosting Service, its Comprehensive Plans and Robust Features make it easy to Overlook its Minor Short-Comings.

After reviewing Arvixe we rate and give it 8.88 out of 10.

5) MidPhase
MidPhase is a Web Hosting Provider that Boasts “ Cheap Hosting, Premium Features ” For the most part, the Service Lives Up to its Simple yet Frank Tagline. MidPhase provides a Range of Robust yet Easy-to-Use Hosting Features that will appeal to a wide range of users.

However, the Service isn't the Cheapest in our Lineup, and while 
its Monthly Pricing is Competitive, some of the Features other Services include in their Hosting Plans Cost extra with MidPhase. Additionally, Learning How To use the Service may require some extra time and effort if you’re new to Web Hosting.

After Reviewing MidPhase We Rate and give it 8.45 out of 10.

6) HostGator
HostGator is a Flexible and Feature-Rich Web Hosting Service that Excels in Terms of Unlimited Services, with Unrestricted Bandwidth and Disk space. The service also provides Unlimited Domains, so you can Host as many Websites under your Account as you want.

Although the service is Brimming with Features, HostGator Lacks some 
of the Intuitiveness and Usability found on our Higher-Ranked Web Hosting Services. But if you are Willing to Spend the Time and Effort necessary to learn your way around the Service, HostGator delivers Robust Hosting Capabilities at an Exceptional Value.

After reviewing HostGator we rate and give it 8.25 out of 10.

7) AN Hosting
AN Hosting
AN Hosting is an Ideal Provider if you are New to the World of Web Hosting. The service is easy to use and packs excellent Functionality in its Comprehensive, Cost-Effective Hosting Packages. It may lack a few of the more Advanced Features we looked for in Web Hosting Services. But if Ease of Use and Strong Technical Support are your Top Priorities, AN Hosting Proves to be an Excellent Option.

After reviewing AN Hosting we rate and give it 8.08 out of 10.

8) Network Solutions
Network Solutions
Networks Solutions is a Unique Hosting Provider that takes an A La Carte Approach to Web hosting. While many of its Competitors offer Fixed Hosting Packages with Limited Flexibility, Network Solutions allows you to select a Hosting Plan and Supplementary Add-Ons and Features to build your Own Hosting Plan that’s as Customized as it is Comprehensive.

After reviewing Network Solutions we rate and give it 7.63 out of 10.

9) Globat
Globat is a Decent Hosting Provider that’s Ideal for the Green User. The Service’s Features and Interface are User-Friendly and Extremely Easy to Grasp. While Globat provides all of the Basic Features necessary for Web Hosting, its overall Functionality is Watered Down and comes at the Cost of Ease of Use.Globat now provides only a Single Web Hosting Package, known as GX01

The Plan provides Unlimited Disk Space, 
Mail Boxes and Bandwidth. Unlimited Disk Space means your Site can be as Large and Consist of as many Pages as you want, while Unlimited Bandwidth Ensures your Site can Load Quickly regardless of how many Visitors your Website has. The package also includes One Free Domain Registration or Transfer, and you can Host Unlimited Domains Under your Account. We were Disappointed to find that the Service doesn't Support International Domains and it Caps MySQL Databases at 50.

After reviewing Globat we rate and give it 7.33 out of 10.

10) WestHost
WestHost is Popular for its Adequate Functionality and Affordable Hosting Packages. Like most of its Competitors, this Service Offers Three different Packages, each with Varied Hosting Features. 

Personal Plan is Sparse on Features, but it could be the Perfect Fit for Personal Users and perhaps some Small Businesses. And while the Personal and Preferred Plans impose Caps on most of its Features, the Service’s Business Plan provides Unlimited Hosting and Services more on par with the other Hosting Providers in our Lineup.

After reviewing WestHost we rate and give it 7.13 out of 10.

Chose your best
These above mentioned Managed Hosting Providers not only provide with Managed Hosting but they also features different kinds of Dedicated Managed Hosting, Managed Cloud Hosting and many other hostings as per the plans.

Therefore you can compare these Managed Hosting providers with your known Managed Hosting Provider and can choose the best one.

So these are the Top 10 Best Managed Hosting Providers.

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