Top 10 Web Browsers for Computers

The world's Top 10 free web browsers for computers. Use these browser for enhanced speed, security and reliability.

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A Web Browser is a Software Application for Retrieving, Presenting, and Traversing Information Resources on the World Wide Web. An information resource is identified by a Uniform Resource Identifier (URL) and may be a Web Page, Image, Video, or other Piece of Content.

A Web Browser can also be defined as an Application Software or Program designed to Enable Users to Access, Retrieve and View Documents and other Resources on the Internet or a Program used to view HTML Documents.

There are many number of Browser available on the World Wide Web for Free, and there Speed and Reliability makes them Popular and Rank at the Top of other Browsers of same kind. We here in this Post has created a list of Top 10 Web Browsers for Computers.

Top 10 Web Browsers for Computer

1) Google Chrome
Google Chrome
Google Chrome is Unquestionably the Best Overall Internet Browser in the Web Browser Market. Chrome’s Features provide you with Rich Convenience Features, a Clean Layout for Intuitive Navigation and Security Functions that Enable Safe Browsing.

Furthermore, the Internet Browser’s Top Speeds and Standards Compliance Render Chrome’s Performance Unrivaled and Substantiates its Rapidly growing user base. With Chrome Originating from an Open Source Project, we look Forward to What the Internet Browser will offer in the Future. No doubt Google Chrome will Continue to Lead the Pack in Terms of Innovation, Security and Usability.

After using Google Chrome we rate and give it 9.85 out of 10.

2) Mozilla Firefox
Mozilla Firefox
Mozilla Firefox is an Early Adopter if not an Innovator of Advanced Web Browsing, evidenced by the Browser’s Latest Release. It is a Simple, User-Friendly Browser, with numerous Add-Ons for Advanced Users looking for a Fully Customized Browsing Experience as well as a Basic, Hassle-Free Interface for more casual Browsers.

The Internet Browser Trails a Few Competitors on some Benchmarks, but the differences are nominal and Mozilla Firefox proves to be one of the Top Internet Browsers around.

After using Mozilla Firefox we rate and give it 9.33 out of 10.

3) Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer
There’s No denying that Internet Explorer has been Plagued with more Security Vulnerabilities than most of its Competitors, its Large Percentage of Usage Share makes it a Lucrative Target for Hackers and Cyber Thieves. However, the Latest Version of the Internet Browser Includes effective Updates designed to Tighten Security Loopholes, and its Utilization of Sand-boxing and other methods greatly reduces Security Threats.

Additionally, Internet Explorer is fast and Highly usable, providing rich, pragmatic features and a User-Friendly Interface. The World’s most Popular Internet Browser may not change the way we Interact Online but it sure makes it more Convenient.

After using Internet Explorer we rate and give it 9.03 out of 10.

4) Opera Browser
Opera Browser
Opera’s Compatibility issues are likely to be the deciding factor for many Prospective Users, but more and more Websites become Compatible with the Browser each day. And while Opera may not have the Firm Backing of a major corporation like our other Top Ranked Internet Browsers, it manages to stay on par with the Competition with its Robust Feature Set, Advanced Security Protocols and Rapid Speeds. Opera Browser and Internet Explorer both Rank same as per our Review.

So after using Opera Browser we rate and give it 9.03 out of 10.

5) Safari Browser
Safari Browser
Safari is a Solid Web Browser and has the majority of the Basic Features any Competitive Browser should. It’s Easy to Use and Extremely Fast. You may find its Lack of Customization Options a bit Hindering, but for those seeking a Basic, No-Frills Browser that allows you to Browse the Web Securely, Safari is the way to go.

After using Safari Browser we rate and give it 8.70 out of 10.

6) Maxthon Browser
Maxthon Browser
Maxthon doesn’t have all of the Features we looked for in Internet Browsers, but it does provide the Fundamental Features needed for Web Browsing. It also has Tight Security and Comprehensive Help and Support if you Run into any Issues. While Maxthon isn't the Fastest or Most Feature-Rich Internet Browser on the Web Browser Market, it does constitute a good Option if you are looking for a change of Pace.

After using Maxthon Browser we rate and give it 8.03 out of 10.

7) RockMelt Browser
RockMelt Browser
RockMelt is certainly Not for Everyone. This Internet Browser delivers useful Features and Superior Security, but its Social Media Integration is not as Seamless or Smooth as it should be. It is a Neat Idea Theoretically, but Poor Execution Hinders Rockmelt’s ability to contend as a Primary Web Browser for most Users.

That said, the Web Browser will likely appeal to Social Media Fanatics, and if RockMelt can make some Significant Improvements in terms of Usability, it has a good chance of becoming the Default Internet Browser for more and more users.

After using Rockmelt Browser we rate and give it 7.38 out of 10.

8) SeaMonkey Browser
SeaMonkey Browser
SeaMonkey is a Good, but far from great, Internet Browser. Its features are Practical, albeit basic, and it provides protection from Dangerous Internet Threats. Many users will also find its All-in-One Functionality Convenient.

However, SeaMonkey desperately needs a Face lift and Improved Browsing Speeds in Order to Compete with the more Widely used Internet Browsers in the Web Browser Market.

After using SeaMonkey Browser we rate and give it 6.95 out of 10.

9) Deepnet Explorer
Deepnet Explorer
Deepnet Explorer offers some useful Features but Lacks the Full Feature set many of its Competitors have. Additionally, the Internet Browser Boasts Impressive Speeds and Decent Help and Support Options but Fails to Impress in terms of Security and Ease of Use. Subsequently, we would Recommend Opting for one of our Higher-Ranked Internet Browsers.

After using Deepnet Explorer we rate and give it 6.83 out of 10.

10) Avant Browser
Avant Browser
Avant Browser is a Mediocre Browser with some Nice Built-In Features and Customization Options for a Personalized Interface. However, its Lack of Versatility, Compatibility and Comprehensive Security can Hinder Usability and Contributes to the Browser’s Lagging behind the Competition. The Avant Browser seems best suited for users who want a Microsoft-based internet browser but are unimpressed with Internet Explorer’s current offerings.

After using Avant Browser we rate and give it 6.58 out of 10.

Highly Recommended Browser
As per our use and some of surveys conducted, we found that Google Chrome is one of the Most Popular and deserves the Best Web Browser Position on the Internet. We also recommend our readers to either use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as this site is best viewed in these Browsers.

So these are the Top 10 Web Browsers for Computers.

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