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Here are the top ranked auto insurance companies Online. Learn which one is the best for your Vehicle.

Auto Insurance
Auto Insurance (also known as Vehicle Insurance, GAP insurance, Car insurance, or Motor Insurance) is Insurance Purchased for Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, and other Road Vehicles. Its Primary use is to provide Financial Protection against Physical Damage and / or Bodily Injury Resulting from Traffic Collisions and against Liability that could also arise therefrom. The Specific terms of Vehicle Insurance vary with Legal Regulations in each Region.

To a lesser degree Vehicle Insurance may additionally offer Financial Protection against Theft of the Vehicle and possibly damage to the vehicle, sustained from things other than Traffic Collisions.

Now it is must to Get Auto Insurance for the Vehicle running on the Road. So for that we should know some of these points i.e. :

  • Top Rated Car Insurance Companies.
  • What are the Best Auto Insurance Companies ( out of the Top Rated ). 
  • Who has the Best Car Insurance Rates.
  • And finally the Auto Insurance Companies Quotes.
For knowing all these we should ensure and check some of the Common Coverage provided by the Insurance Companies. As this will decide the Best Vehicle Insurance Companies for you.

Now here are some Common Coverage Levels i.e. Vehicle Insurance can Cover some or all of the following items :
  • The Insured Party ( Medical Payments ).
  • The Insured Vehicle ( Physical Damage ).
  • Third Parties ( Car and People, Property Damage and Bodily Injury ).
  • Third party, Fire and Theft.
  • In some Jurisdictions Coverage for Injuries to Persons riding in the Insured Vehicle is available without regard to Fault in the Auto Accident ( No Fault Auto Insurance ).
Auto Insurance
Different Policies Specify the circumstances under which each Item is Covered.
For example, a Vehicle can be Insured against Theft, Fire Damage, or Accident Damage Independently.

So these all depends upon the Region ( Area ) and the Policies of that Auto Insurance Companies. Accordingly we have created here a list of Top 10 Auto Insurance Companies Online through which you will be easily able to Purchase Auto Insurance Online.

Online Auto Insurance Companies arranged according to their Ranking are lisited below

Auto Insurance - GEICO
GEICO was founded in 1936 by Philip J. Carlton, Leo Goodwin, Sr. and his Wife Lillian to provide Auto Insurance Directly to Federal Government Employees and their Families. GEICO is relatively New to the Auto Insurance Market. But it has been an Auto Insurance Provider for more than 70 years and has made its Services available in many states.

GEICO was among the First to Develop a Non-Agent model for Customer Service, Claims Filing and Policy Inquiries, making these available through Phone and Internet and allowing GEICO to pass Savings on to its Customers. In addition to these savings-oriented operational practices that provide new Policyholders with Substantial discounts, GEICO has earned and maintained the Loyalty of its Customers through its Professional, helpful Customer Service representatives, efficient claims process and continued dedication to getting its Policyholders Off the Road and back on Again as quickly as Possible.

Some of the Standout Features of GEICO are :
  • Infrastructural Savings Passed on to Policyholders.
  • Instant Online Premium Quote.
  • Online Policy Management.
After reviewing GEICO we rate and give it 9.80 out of 10.

2) Progressive
Auto Insurance - Progressive
Progressive has been a Dominant Force in the Auto Insurance Market for more than 70 years, Garnering a Strong Reputation for its Customer Service, Emergency Responsiveness, Policy Flexibility and Overall Commitment to the Safety and Security of its Policyholders. With its " Concierge Level of Claims Service " and Renowned Immediate Response Vehicles, Progressive has made the Aftermath of Car Accidents and Auto-Related Incidents

Less Complicated, Less Time-Consuming and most Importantly, Less-Imposing on the Workaday lives and Busy Schedules of its Policyholders.

Progressive's past may have been Bright, but, if it continues to place the needs of its Policyholders First, its Future will only Get Brighter.

Some of the Standout Features of Progressive are :
  • Multi-Party Comparison Quotes.
  • Pet Injury Coverage with Collision Coverage.
  • Concierge Level of Claims Service.
After Reviewing Progressive We Rate and give it 9.60 out of 10.

3) Esurance
Auto Insurance - Esurance
Esurance might not have the History like of GEICO or Progressive, both which Operate Largely Online. But, What it Lacks in Tradition, it makes up for in Innovative Operational Practices, including Speedy Claims and Policy-Writing Processes.

As a Green Company, Esurance also features Environmentally-Sound Strategies and Programs to Reduce Paper Consumption, Plant Trees in Fire-Damaged Forests, and Mitigate the Damage caused by CO2 Pollution. Not Bad for a Company that is still relatively New to the Auto Insurance Game.

Esurance is Lauded for its 3-Step Policy Process. Drivers Simply Quote, Buy and Print their Policy Directly from their Printer. No Waiting for Delivery by Mail, No Hassles, No Agents Pushing unnecessary Policy Features or additional Insurance Protection Products. With Esurance, Policyholders, both Current and Prospective, simply Enter the necessary information, receive a Quote, decide whether or not Purchase Policy or go with another Car Insurance Agency.

With Esurance, Motorists get a Free 6-Minute Quote in Addition to Instant Comparison Rates from Real Companies. At that point, Prospective Policyholders can simply choose the Policy that Best Suits their needs and Buy it directly Online.

Esurance Policyholders also Benefit from an Online Claims Process that Features the Impressive, Real-Time Repairs Monitoring Program, E-star.

Some of the Standout Features of Esurance are :
  • In-Depth, Informative Website.
  • E-Star Direct Repair Program.
  • Savings-Oriented Operations.
  • Expedited Claims Process.
After reviewing Esurance we rate and give it 9.30 out of 10.

4) Nationwide
Auto Insurance - Nationwide
Like Farmers and State Farm, Nationwide Auto Insurance Began with Farmers and Ranchers, Limiting its Risk Pool to Farmers and Ranchers in Order to Save its Policyholders Money on Premiums oftentimes inflated due to Urban Motorists who drove more frequently and in Riskier Conditions.

The years have served Nationwide well. It has expanded its Auto Insurance to include other Insurance Protection Products while expanding its Coverage from Ohio Farmers to All Drivers across the Nation.

Unlike many Auto Insurance Agencies, whose Storied Past tends to cast a shadow into the Future and whose Growth, while Beneficial to Shareholders and can offer savings initially for Policyholders, comes at the Cost of the Quality of its Customer Service and Claims process, Nationwide has Managed to Balance the needs of the Individual with the needs of the Collective.

Some of the Standout Features of Nationwide are :
  • Free Nationwide iPhone Application.
  • 100% Guarantees on Repairs for Life of Car.
  • Blue Ribbon Claims Services.
After reviewing Nationwide we rate and give it 9.13 out of 10.

Auto Insurance - USAA
Like GEICO, the USAA ( United Services Automobile Association ) began as an Insurance Product for Government Employees, in this case, U.S. Army Officers that were unable to obtain Auto Insurance Coverage due to their purported " High-Risk " Status.

In the years that have followed, USAA has expanded from a Group of Self-Insured U.S. Army Officers and other U.S. Military Personnel to include additional Insurance Protection Products and Policies for other Branches of the Military, including Reservists and Non-Officers, and other Government Agencies such as the FBI.

Some of the Standout Features of USAA are :
  • Savings-Oriented Business Operations.
  • Expansive Discounts and Benefits for Eligible Policyholders.
After reviewing USAA we rate and give it 9.05 out of 10.

6) Farmers Insurance
Auto Insurance - Farmers Insurance
Nearing 90 years of Continual Operation, Farmers Insurance began with the Idea that some Drivers Deserved Lower Insurance Premiums than their Riskier Counterparts (Urban Drivers).
Though it Initially only Serviced the needs of the Former Group, it has Expanded to Include Drivers of all Backgrounds and Geographic Locations across the US, and has managed to expand its Policy Offerings to include Home, Life, Fire and Others.

Though this Auto Insurance Company has changed hands and Ownership several times in its History, Farmers still remains True to its Initial Concept, making sure that Good Policyholders were Pooling their Risk with other Good Policyholders.

Some of the Standout Features of Farmers Insurance are :
  • Good Driver Discounts and Rewards.
  • Customized Policies.
After reviewing Farmers Insurance we rate and give it 8.50 out of 10.

7) State Farm
Auto Insurance - State Farm
Like Farmers Insurance, State Farm was Founded on the Notion that Farmers and Ranchers, who Drove Less and in Safer Environments, shouldn't have to Pay as much as their Urban Motorist Counterparts.

Now, more than 80 years later, through Careful Expansion of Insurance Protection Products and a Continued Dedication to Customer service, State Farm has become the Preeminent Auto Insurance Policy writer in both the United States and Canada.

Some of the Standout Features of State Farm are :
  • Ubiquitous in the US and Canada.
  • Customer Service.
After reviewing State Farm we rate and give it 8.40 out of 10.

8) Liberty Mutual
Auto Insurance - Liberty Mutual
Liberty Mutual Auto Insurance is Fairly Typical in its Customer Perception among Auto Insurance Policyholders i.e. those that Go without an Accident or Car-related Incident with Little Interaction with Customer Service Representatives Tend to like it, while Policyholders that are Involved in an Accident or Car-related incident don't.

For its features and Policy Attributes, Liberty Mutual is among the Best, Offering a variety of Services to Address everything from the Minor Repair, such as a Cracked Windshield, to the Major, which its Total Liberty Care Facilities Program makes Quick Work of.

However, while many Car Insurance Companies would be wise to Emulate its Policy Features and Offerings, they should Steer Clear of Imitating its Customer Service and Claims Tracking / Reporting Features, which are considered among the Poorer Offered by Auto Insurers.

Some of the Standout Features of Liberty Mutual are :
  • 12-Month Policies.
  • Total Liberty Care Facilities.
  • Multi-Policy Savings.
After reviewing Liberty Mutual we rate and give it 7.63 out of 10.

9) Allstate
Auto Insurance - Allstate
Allstate has asked " Are you in Good Hands ? " for several years now. Unfortunately, the Resounding Answer from its Policyholders has been " Yes, but there are Better Hands out there. " While its Auto Insurance Policies and Products aren't the Worst, they aren't the Best, either.

Allstate, more or less, is the Non-Golden mean between Great and Terrible Insurance Companies, Excelling in certain areas, such as Area Coverage and Policy Flexibility, while often Performing well Below Standards for Customer Service and Claims Timeliness.

Some of the Standout Features of Allstate are :
  • Deductible Discounts for each Accident-Free Year.
  • Car Replacement Program.
  • Policy Flexibility.
After reviewing Allstate we rate and give it 7.20 out of 10.

10) AAA
Auto Insurance - AAA
With more than a Century of Continuous Operation under its Belt, the AAA ( American Auto Association ) has been a Driving Force in the Auto Insurance Industry, as well as Longstanding Advocate for Traffic Safety and a Lobbyist at the National and Local Levels for Improved Roads and Vehicle Safety Standards.

Though Primarily known for its Towing and Roadside Assistance Services, AAA has expanded its Benefits to include " Go, not Tow " On-Site Battery Diagnosis and Replacement to Reduce unnecessary Tows.

Its Insurance Functions might be Limited to Initial Towing, Roadside Assistance and other Automotive First Aid, but AAA Car Insurance is likely to bring Savings to any Auto Insurance Policy, as well as access to Travel Guides, Maps and Resources.

Also, AAA members can Enjoy Discounts at Affiliated Retailers, including LensCrafters, Payless ShoeSource and even Burger King and Pizza Hut in some areas.

Some of the Standout Features of AAA are :
  • Approved Auto Repair Facilities.
  • Comprehensive Roadside Assistance Benefits.
  • Travel and Retail Discounts.
After reviewing AAA we rate and give it 6.35 out of 10.

These were Top 10 Auto Insurance through which you can get Auto Insurance Online. We would suggest you to also use your sense to decide the best Vehicle Insurance and the Auto Insurance Companies Quotes on your own to Safe Guard and Insure your Cheapest to Costliest Car and Vehicle.
Auto Insurance - Costliest Car
Don't simply Rely on this above provided Data though we have done our best to Provide you with the Top Rated Car Insurance Companies.

So these are Top Ranked Auto Insurance Companies.

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