Top 10 Computer Softwares

List of Top 10 essential computer software that every PC must have. Download and install these softwares on your PC for Free.

Top 10
There are Millions of Free and Paid Softwares available today in this World for the Computers, Laptop, Tablets, Mobile, etc. The Computer on which the Windows or any other Operating System is Installed already comes Bundled with Useful and Essential Softwares, but that is not enough. These Build In Softwares are useful but these are the Basic one and are just not enough to make the Experience with the Machine Better. A New Computer needs a Good Software if the User wants to make the most out of his / her Machine.

Looking forward to the requirements for the Better Computer, here we have created a list of Top 10 Computer Softwares that one should Install on the Computer for not only making most out of the Machine but also make it Secured and Well Maintained. So just take a look at the Best List of the Computer Software Essentials everyone must have.

1) Microsoft Security Essentials
Microsoft Security Essentials
Microsoft Security Essentials is the Best Antivirus Software available for Free from Microsoft. Antivirus Software is Software that is used to Prevent, Detect and Remove Malwares, Viruses, Adware, Backdoors, Malicious BHOs, Dialers, Fraudtools, HiJackers, Key-loggers  Malicious LSPs, Root-kits, Spyware, Trojan Horses and Worms. The Antivirus Software is one of the most essential Software that must be installed on every Computer. The Security of the Machine depends upon the Quality of the Antivirus Software installed. So one must have an Antivirus Installed on his / her Computer. From our Point of View the Best Antivirus Software is Microsoft Security Essential.

You can Download Microsoft Security Essentials from here.

2) CCleaner
CCleaner is one of the Great and All in One Software which contains various Utilities necessary for the Computer Maintainence and its Performance. From Cleaning Temporary Files, to the Windows Registry, from Wiping Up Free Space, to Erasing Browsing History, from Uninstalling Programs, to Limit Start Up Programs, every Tool and Utility is Inside and Bundled with this One and Only Great Software.

CCleaner is the System Optimization, Privacy and Cleaning Tool. It Removes Unused Files from the System, Allowing Windows to Run Faster and Freeing Up Valuable Hard Disk Space. It also Cleans Traces of our Online Activities such as Internet History, etc. Additionally it contains a Fully Featured Registry Cleaner.
In short, CCleaner is the Ultimate System Cleaning and Optimizing Tool still available for Free.

You can Download CCleaner from here.

3) Recuva
We sometimes accidentally delete any of our Important File and want them Back. With Recuva, we can get them back Quickly, Safely, and Easily. Recuva is Software that is designed to be used for Recovering the Deleted Files, Emails, Music, Documents and also Recovering from the Damaged or Formatted Disk. This Compact Windows Program does all the work, Scanning the Drives for the Files needed, then Recovering them in a Flash.

If you need some tips on how to recover data then see this post:
Additionally, using Recuva we can Delete the File Securely and make it unrecoverable, so that it cannot be Recovered in future by any means. Recuva understands the potential for abuse that Recovery Software has, that's why it has built in a way to Erase Traces of the Files. It's an added safeguard that only Recuva has. Recuva is also a Free Recovery Software and has much Premium Options that only the Paid Recovery Software may have.

You can Download Recuva from here.

4) Unlocker
Unlocker is a Simple and Small Tool that lets us get rid of Stubborn Files that can't be Deleted in the Standard Way. Deleting a File from the Computer isn't always as easy as it seems.

Have you ever got an irritating error message telling something like that the File is being used by another Application and can't be erased ? Unlocker is the solution for this Error. Unlocker is Dead Easy to use, Simply Right Click the File that can't be Erased and select the Unlocker Option. Now you will be able to choose between Deleting the File, Renaming it or Moving it to another Location. If the selected task can't be Completed Immediately, it will be Finished the next time the Computer would be Restarted.

You can Download Unlocker from here.

5) VLC Media Player
VLC Media Player
VLC Media Player is Multimedia Software Program that can Play Video or Music files in just about any Format. It is the most Successful Free Open Source Multimedia Player. In particular, VLC media player is a great Alternative to Windows Media Player, iTunes, and Real Player  It's Lightweight, Fast, Easy to Use and most Importantly, Plays almost anything. It is a Highly Portable Multimedia Player for various Audio and Video Formats as well as DVDs, VCDs, and various Streaming Protocols without External Codec or Program.

You can Download VLC Media Player from here.

6) 7-Zip
7-Zip is the one of the best Freeware Archive Manager available till date. There may be many more Archive Manager available but they might not be free, or if are free then cannot Compete with 7-Zip. The Free 7-Zip Unpacks a Host of Archive Formats, including ZIP, TAR, GZ, and its own 7z Format. The Program's Ability to Shrink Files is Stunning. The 7z Archives are relatively up to 40 percent smaller then their ZIP Equivalents, although Compression did take longer, and the Highest Compression settings can Hog System Resources.

7-Zip is fine for Casual Users with a Bit of Computer savvy, but it's especially well-suited for Developers and anyone else who moves between the Windows and Linux / Unix Worlds.

You can Download 7-Zip from here.

7) Download Managers

A Download Manager is a Computer Program Dedicated to the Task of Downloading possibly unrelated Stand alone Files from the Internet for Storage. The typical Download Manager at a minimum provides means to Recover from errors without Losing the Work already Completed, and can Optionally Split the File to be Downloaded into 2 or more segments, which are then moved in Parallel, potentially making the process faster within the limits of the available bandwidth.

Here we refer two of the Best Download Manager for the Computer, One is for downloading Standalone Files Directly and other on is for downloading the Torrent Files.

  •  Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager
Everyone is knows, What the Internet Download Manager is ? If not then we tell you. Internet Download Manager ( IDM ) is a Tool to Increase Download Speeds by up to 5 times, Resume and Schedule Downloads. It has Comprehensive Error Recovery and Resume Capability that can Restart Broken or Interrupted Downloads due to Lost Connections, Network Problems, Computer Shutdowns, or Unexpected Power Outages.

Unlike other Download Managers and Accelerators, Internet Download Manager Segments Downloaded Files Dynamically during Download Process and Reuses available Connections without additional connect and Login Stages to achieve Best Acceleration Performance. In simple words, Internet Download Manager is one of the Best Download Manager and an Download Accelerator.

You can Download Internet Download Manager from here.

If you need to download Torrent directly without need of torrent client, see this trick i.e.:
If you use this trick then you don't need an extra torrent client or software for downloading Torrents. If you need to download torrent using Torrent client then use the given below software. i.e.  µTorrent

  •  µTorrent

µTorrent is one of the most Popular BitTorrent Client out there for several reasons like It is Fast, LightWeight, Easy to Use and Very Efficient. uTorrent is very Tiny i.e. less than 800 KB. It Installs Ultra-Fast with a Light Footprint on the Computer, and Runs Super Efficiently. It is Expertly designed for Fast Downloads. Avoids Hogging Valuable System Resources, Runs Quietly in the Background, and doesn't Interfere with our Work, Play etc. It maximizes Bandwidth and Reduces Congestion, so as to have the Smoothest, Quickest Downloads Possible and don't make the Internet Connection Slow to a Crawl. It Auto Adjusts Bandwidth Usage Based upon the Network and the Internet.

You can Download µTorrent from here.

8) Productivity Softwares

The term Productivity is usually intended a category of Applications Dedicated to Help Accomplishing Specific Jobs such as Documents, Presentations, Spreadsheets, Databases, Charts and Graphs, Create Digital Paintings, Electronic Music, make Digital Movies, etc. The Existence of Productivity Software is one of the Reasons why people use Computers. Productivity Software help the Professional or Common User to Enhance and Complete their any day Job. So here are two most essential and most Popular Productivity Software.

  •  Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office
Microsoft is one of the most Popular Productivity Software that needs no introduction from our side. Microsoft Office is an Office Suite of Desktop Applications, Servers and Services for the Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X Operating Systems, introduced by Microsoft. Microsoft also positions Office as a Development platform for Line Of Business Software under the Office Business Applications brand. Office is reported to now be used by over a billion people worldwide.

  •  Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader
Adobe Acrobat is a set of Application Software developed by Adobe Systems to View, Create, Manipulate, Print and Manage Files in Portable Document Format ( PDF ). Adobe Reader Enables us to View and Print PDF Files but has negligible PDF Creation Capabilities.

You can Download Adobe Reader from here.

9) Google Chrome
Google Chrome
Google Chrome is a Best Web Browser available till date. A Web Browser is a Software Application for Retrieving, Presenting, and Traversing Information Resources on the World Wide Web. A web browser can also be Defined as an Application Software or Program Designed to Enable Users to Access, Retrieve and View Documents and other Resources on the Internet. So Web or Internet Browser is a most essential Software which act as Gateway for Connection to the Internet.

We have previously also discussed about the best web browsers so have a look over it here:
You can Download Google Chrome from here.

10) TeamViewer
TeamViewer is a Remote Computing Software. A Remote computing is a Computing in which a User does not have Physical Access, but he or she can access or Manipulate into the Remote Computer via some Kind of Network. Remote Computing Software Allows a Person to Control a Computer from Another Computer. This kind of Software Application Turns One Computer into the Boss of Another or a Series of Others. We can use the Remote Computing Software for either getting the Help from any Expert or for Helping any Friend or Relative Remotely. So one of the Best and Free Remote Computing Software is TeamViewer.

You can Download TeamViewer from here.

So these are the Top 10 Computer Softwares, that every Computer User must install on the Computer ( or any other machine ) to ensure the maximum and best out of it.

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