Top 10 Tips to Keep iPhone Secure

Learn how to Secure your iPhone and keep it Safe from thief. Keep your Data Private and secured by applying these Tips.

Top Tricks And Tips : iPhone
The iPhone is a line of Smartphones designed and marketed by Apple Inc. The iPhone runs Apple's iOS Mobile Operating System, originally named iPhone OS. iPhone has various Best Features which make it different from any other Mobile.
Top Tricks And Tips : iPhone Secured
iPhone has already built in security but there are there are some of the Top Tips that we will share here which would help you keep your iPhone very much Secure.
Here are some of those Tips that you can make sure that all of the data that you have in your iPhone are secure and are not at risk of getting stolen in any way.

1) Update Firmware
Top Tricks And Tips : iPhone Firmware Update
The Best Tip for iPhone security is an Updated Firmware to make sure that all the Data present on the iPhone have all the protection is needs to be there.

To Update iPhone Firmware follow these steps :
  • Connect iPhone to Computer.
  • Open iTunes.
  • Choose iPhone from the Source List.
  • Choose Check For Update.
  • Download and install the updates.

2) Disable Wi-Fi
Top Tricks And Tips : iPhone Wi-Fi
We should disable the Wi-Fi when we are not actively using it. We should just disconnect from Wi-Fi, it would not only Increase and Save Battery Life but would also increase your iPhone's Security.
You can Turn OFF or Disable iPhone's Wi-Fi by just going to
Settings ( in iPhone )  >>  Wi-Fi  >>  Turn off Wi-Fi.

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3) Disable Bluetooth
Top Tricks And Tips : iPhone Bluetooth
Just as you know that for what purpose the Bluetooth is used, so we should only Turn it ON whenever we need it, otherwise we should keep it Disabled.
You can Turn OFF iPhone's Bluetooth by just going to
Settings  >>  General  >>  Bluetooth  >>  Turn OFF Bluetooth.

4) Disable Automatic Connections
Top Tricks And Tips : iPhone Automatic Connections
This Option  is used to Search for the Open Networks available near your iPhone constantly.This option not only Drains up the Battery but also posses risk to iPhone's Security. We should Disable Automatic Connections and should only enable it Manually when needed.
You can Turn OFF iPhone's Automatic Connections by just going to
Settings  >>  Wi-Fi  >>  Choose Network  >>  Forget This Network.

5)  Disable Location Services
Top Tricks And Tips : iPhone Location Services
Location Service is one of the service which helps to Locate the riends and family Members and even allow the same service to them. This is also the threat to iPhone's Security and moreover the Battery.
So You may Disable this Option, when not really needed, by just going to
Settings  >>  General  >>  Turn OFF Location Services.

6) Set the Pass Code
Top Tricks And Tips : iPhone Passcode
We can put Password for our iPhone for its great Security, as such similar we have Passwords on our Computer and Email Accounts.
You can Set the Pass Code by just going to
Settings  >>  General  >>  Pass Code Lock  >>  Type in 4 Digits to Serve as your Pass Code  >>  Re Type the 4 Digits.

7) Erase Data after number of Wrong Pass Codes Attempts
Top Tricks And Tips : iPhone Wrong Password
Unfortunately it might happen that you Lost your iPhone by mistake, so it is very much possibility that the thief would definitely try to Unlock the Password and would like to Steal your Private Data.
But the probability of cracking the password and getting into the Data would be very much less if you set the maximum number of attempts after which data would be Erased.

So this Option is already built in iPhone.
To Turn this Option ON, just go to
Settings  >>  General  >>  Pass Code Lock  >>  Turn on Erase Data.
This Option would erase Data after 10 Wrong Pass Codes attempts.

8) Erase Data Before Repairing, Returning, or Reselling Your iPhone
Top Tricks And Tips : iPhone Erase Data
If you have planned to Sell your iPhone then this would be best Option to erase all your Data and then only Hand it Over to someone else.
So to use this Option just go to
Settings  >> > General  >>  Reset  >>  Erase All Contents and Settings.

9) Disable SMS Preview
Top Tricks And Tips : iPhone SMS Preview
This option adds a more security option to your iPhone. This is an option to view the Inbox the Notification Area.
To Disable SMS Preview just go to
Settings  >>  General  >>  Pass Code Lock  >>  Turn off Show SMS Preview.

10 ) Disable Java Script and Safari Plug Ins
Top Tricks And Tips : Java Script
Java Scripts and Pug Ins are the requirements for the Optimum Web Browsing Experience. But on the other hand if these are Enabled, posses the Risk to Mobile to be Hacked.
To Disable Java Script and Safari Plug Ins just go to
Settings  >>  Safari  >>  Turn off Java Script  >>  Turn off Plug Ins.

You can also enable or disable Java in Web Browsers by using this Trick:
So these are Top 10 Tips to Keep iPhone Secure.

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