Top 3 Blackberry Products

Explore the list of top 3 Blackberry Products that are most popular and are fabulous.

Top Tricks and Tips : Blackberry
Here are the most popular and Top 3 Blackberry Products, just have a look over it.

Blackberry Curve 9310
Top Tricks and Tips : Blackberry Curve 9310
One of the most popular Blackberry phones on the market is the Blackberry Curve 9310. Some of the features it includes are 3G, Wi-Fi, 1 3.2 megapixel camera, the Qwerty keyboard which is trademark Blackberry and GPS. At 60 mm wide, 12.7 mm thick and weighing 3.67 oz this device is small with a good weight and feels great in the hand and in the pocket.

The rubber bezel gives it a good grip and nice feel in your fingers. If you are someone who likes to take high quality pictures and video and do creative things on their phone-this is not the device for you. However if you are a business person, or someone who uses the messaging services a lot and also likes to update their social networks often and with ease then this is definitely the device for you.

Blackberry Playbook 2
Top Tricks and Tips : Blackberry Playbook 2
This Playbook you can buy at Dialaphone along with other cheap mobile phones, has been given an update that has revamped the device to make it more of a contender against some of its competition. It has an attractive display with easy to use options and the graphics are sharp.

It has a great quality video chat facility available between blackberry users, and with a native email client and the ability to add all of your favorite social networks, you have pretty much everything you need for a good work and play device. Blackberry Bridge allows you to connect to your phone and you can even use your phone as a cursor when hosting a presentation on the Playbook.

Blackberry Porsche design P'9981
Top Tricks and Tips : Blackberry Porsche design P'9981
The Blackberry Porsche design P'9981 is styled by Porsche Design, made of stainless steel, and finished in leather. The features include a 5 megapixel camera, 720p HD recording, face detection and image stabilization and also scene modes.  It also has integrated GPS, and Blackberry maps. This is a luxurious phone with a luxurious price tag.

So these are Top 3 Blackberry Products.

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