Trick to Torrent Anonymously

The best way to download torrent anonymously and protect your online Identity and Privacy.

Torrent Anonymously
We all know what's a Torrent is ? and How we can download Torrent directly ?
But many of us would be unknown of downloading the Torrent Anonymously. The techniques that we use to Torrent Anonymously are not enough anymore now that can keep us safe. It has become very easy for the people who to view torrent download traffic.

So to keep those people out of your reach and wants to keep your download activity Private and Safe, you can use the technique of routing your BitTorrent connection through an external service. This can be done by some proxies or some other clients.

The best way for downloading torrent anonymous is using the anonymous proxy. It is a tool that works to make our Internet activity untraceable. It's a kind of a Proxy Server Computer that acts as an Intermediary and a Shields Privacy between a Client Computer and the rest of the world over Internet.

This service funnels our Internet Traffic through another server, showing an IP address from a server that can't be traced back to you, on the BitTorrent swarm. In this way our personal information is protected and we are safe over Internet.
( A BitTorrent Swarm is place where you connect to a bunch of people to download or seed a torrent.)

So this is a simple Trick to Torrent Anonymously.

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