What is NAS Storage System ?

Learn more about the Network Attached Storage System ( NAS ) i.e. the file level Computer Data Storage Sytem.

NAS Storage System
NAS stands for Network Attached Storage. It is a file level Computer Data Storage which is connected to a Computer network and provides Data access to a heterogeneous group of clients. It not only Operates as a File server, but is also specialized for this Task either by its Hardware, Software, or Configuration of those elements.

It is often manufactured as a Computer appliance i.e. a specialized computer built from the ground up for Storing and Serving Files, rather than having a simple general purpose computer being used for this role.

The nas storage system contains one or more Hard Disks, often arranged into logical or redundant storage containers. These devices removes the responsibility of file serving from other servers on the network. It provides both storage and file systems.

When we have a few computers working in a tandem, it's essential that they have access to the same collaborative tools and files necessary to get projects completed. So to provide a solution for this, NAS gives all the machines access to the same documents whenever they need, as long as they can access the network. That's why network attached storage is such a handy product for those in the know.

So this is all about What is NAS Storage System.

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