How to disable all Facebook Apps ?

Learn how to disable the platform for working of the Facebook apps altogether for more privacy and security, especially when browsing the Web and using Facebook.

Facebook Apps
There are many apps and websites that can tie into your Facebook account. These are not just mobile apps, but also those directly offered on the desktop website. This option is for those who are serious about removing apps or websites from performing actions associated with their Facebook account.

To disable all apps, you may want to take special consideration before performing this. For instance, if you use your Facebook account to login to different websites or apps for services etc, then you won't be able to it anymore. Furthermore, this will also disable access to games and other apps on Facebook.

If this still sounds you like the solution that you are looking for your Facebook account security and privacy, then disconnecting from the apps on Facebook is pretty simple.
Here is how to perform this :

1) Login to your Facebook account through a web browser from the computer or laptop to complete these steps. If you're on a mobile device, you will have to request the full version of the site to gain access to the desired menu options.

2) Click on the menu in the top right-hand corner and select Privacy settings.
Facebook Privacy Settings
3) Next to Ads, Apps, and Websites, click the Edit Settings link.
Facebook Ads, Apps and Websites
4) In the Apps you use area, click the link that says "Turn off your ability to use apps, plugins, and websites on and off Facebook".
Turn Off Facebook Aps
5) Now Facebook will show the warning message about the results of turning off the apps platform. Verify that you want to disconnect from all apps on Facebook by clicking the Turn off Platform button.
Turn off Facebook Apps Platform
Now you will be free of annoying apps ( all apps ), while also keeping your information safe from websites that attempt to collect it while you're logged into Facebook.

So this is How to disable all Facebook Apps and increase your Facebook security and privacy.

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