How to recover lost data ?

Learn the method to recover your important lost data by using the simple easy tricks and tips.

Data Recovery
Sometimes it might happens that by accident or by mistake, the file on your computer that you are searching for is no longer there. Most of the times its not so easy to re-create the data from scratch. It can be any of the reason that you do not have the time to do it or you do not have enough information about it to do it yourself.

Many people think that it is impossible to recover the lost data. But the truth is that when a file is being deleted from the hard drive of your computer, it is not simply wiped away. Generally what happens is that the computer marks that file as one which can be deleted so that it can be overwritten by another file that come along and need the space. But now you don't need to panic about such situations as you can still recover the lost data if you use the following given Tricks and Tips.

Tricks and Tips to Recover Lost Data

1) Stop using your Computer
Stop using Computer
Once you've mistakenly deleted or found that an important data is missing, you should stop using your system at that instant of time itself. After that find the exact location or actual source from where the data was deleted.

It may be from any of the system folder, USB device etc. Whatever the case be, you have to stop using your computer and be ready to take the next action. If possible you should avoid saving new files in the folder or source from where the data is being lost, since this can easily overwrite the lost data if you do so. The longer that the file has been deleted, the harder it would be to get back because that space may be used, but it is certainly still possible.

2) Check the Recycle Bin
Check your Recycle Bin
Secondly the file might be in the system's Recycle Bin, as in most cases the deleted file are found to be still there. Now you just need to right-click on it (file to be recovered) and choose the "Restore" option. However, it might be possible that you have also emptied the Recycle Bin. But don't worry, you can also recover data from Recycle Bin, as when the files in recycle bin are completely wiped off, they actually disappear from the bin.

However, they are not been completely deleted from the system. They are stored in a special section of the system's hard disk. Though there is no way you can have access to that special section directly, except using special software programs.

3) Use good quality Data Recovery Software
Data Recovery Software
When you are just over doing above steps and not revered the file you were looking for, then you can still recover your data. All you need is the good quality Data Recovery Software. There are many Data Recovery Software by which you can recover your lost data very easily by following the instructions provided in that software's user manual. These software comes with both free and paid versions which you can easily find online or from the local stores of software vendor/dealer.

We here are not mentioning any kind of software that you should use, its better you search the best one for yourself. 

But in general, here is Tip for you that, you should go for the software that is 100% safe and reliable. The software must have user-friendly features as well. You need to make proper inquiries before you pick the best software.

Once found the software, you have to install it and scan your system using it. In most cases, files deleted are easily recovered, even if you lost data USB device or memory card. For recovering data from these devices, you need to scan these devices with the recovery software.

Finally, we would like to say that if you have used a good quality data recovery software, then you may succeed in recovering your lost data easily. So these are some Tricks and Tips to recover lost data.

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