Top 10 Android Keyboard replacements Apps

List of Top 5 android keyboard replacement apps which you can use with greater ease.

Touch Screen Keyboard
Touchscreen technology has brought a lot to the world of smartphones – easier and more intuitive interface as well as larger screens (due to the fact that keys were rendered unnecessary) to apply this interface to. However, touchscreen has one serious drawback, and that is the fact that as of today no one came up with a practical, native text input system.

On-screen keyboards are currently considered the best solution, but they are often small and many people find them difficult to operate. Google Play has a number of keyboard replacement apps available for you to try, and we will list a couple of them which we think deserve that you give them a go.

1) Swype

Swype is a great app for text input which uses a special technique of swiping to let users type text into their mobile phones. You enter letters by moving your finger across the keyboard in one fluid motion, making sure that you hover over the letters you want to type. Swype then uses its special algorithm to determine what you wanted to write and displays it on the screen. It might take some time until you get used to it, but once you master Swype you will love it for its many options and great accuracy.

2) SwiftKey

Winner of many awards and the best selling app in a great number of countries, Swiftkey prides itself in being the smartest Android keyboard. The story behind its smartness is that the app uses special procedure in order to understand the way in which words are connected, thus giving very accurate predictions on what you wanted to type and even correcting your spelling mistakes. SwiftKey supports more than 50 languages so the chances are it’ll be available for yours, too.

3) TouchPal

Another prediction based keyboard, TouchPal might be slightly less famous than SwiftKey, but it is an app capable of competing with the best. It scans your writing (everything from your emails to your tweets) and tries to understand context in order to accurately predict what you will write next. If we consider the fact that TouchPal is free, unlike it’s toughest competitor, we can add one more reason to seriously include this app on your list of options.

4) WritePad

Those who don’t like Swype’s approach to innovation in text input might want to try WritePad – an app which lets you scribble text on the screen and then converts it to regular, computer letters. This app is really great in what it claims to do – recognizing handwriting, although it still remains a matter of taste if you love or hate this way of text input.

5) Thumb Keyboard
Thumb Keyboard

This stock keyboard replacement makes changes in the way your keyboard is presented on the screen. The keys on Thumb Keyboard are grouped on the sides, making it easy for your thumbs to reach them. This makes this keyboard ideal for larger devices like Samsung Note smartphones and tablet computers. The free version has less options and lacks customization but it’s still worth downloading and giving it a try.

So these were the Top 5 Android Keyboard replacement Applications.

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