Top 5 secrets of Facebook

Explore the 5 Facebook secrets that you probably didn't know and even no one will tell you about.

Facebook Secrets
Today it would not be an easy task to find a person who wouldn't have one Facebook account at least. Facebook is much more than a simple social network where you can meet new friends and tell them about your news and mood. And though we all are sure to know everything about Facebook features, some secrets still exist, and they can make your work with this social network more productive, fast and comfortable.

Here they are Top 5 secrets you probably didn't know about your Facebook account.

1) Use Facebook to send your emails

Most users don’t understand they can send letters with the help of a social network. Facebook gives you such an opportunity providing you with your personal email address. To create your own one, just go to Messages and click Declare Your Facebook Email button. Now your new email address will look like this: your username@facebook.com, and you can easily remove it from the emails list by editing your Contact Info.

2) Create a secret group
Secret Group
We all know that every user can easily create his own group on Facebook, but no one tells us about such a Facebook feature as Secret Groups. Let’s imagine that you've decided to create a new group and invite your chosen friends only. Certainly, you can change its privacy settings to Closed, when only members of this group can see posts, but your group is still open to see for all other users. This problem is easy to solve now: use a Secret mode, when only invited members can see not only this group’s posts but the group itself actually.

3) Search smart
Smart Search
When you enter a word or a word expression to find all related items, Facebook search will give you a lot of different results including people, places, apps, groups, pages and so ones. To filter it and exclude unnecessary, just click on a magnifier button next to the search bar.

4) View all photos the way you like

Facebook gives you an opportunity to view photos in a such-called old way. What does it mean? Well, if you don’t like viewing pictures in a black screen just click F5 or reload your browser.

5) Earn credits 

Facebook has its own economic system with credits which can be used by users to buy some games or apps for example. These credits can be bought with your mobile phone or PayPal account, but there is also a new way to get them for free: change your Bing awards to Facebook credits. That’s it!

Reveal all Facebook secrets and start using this social network like a real pro today!

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