Tricks and Tips for Popular Smartphones

These are the tech tricks and tips for the enhanced usability of most popular smartphones of 2013.

Popular Smartphones
From industry leaders like the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S III to the brand new BlackBerry Z10 device, consumers have a number of highly evolved smartphone options to choose from as 2013 gets underway. Each of these phones offer serious refinements to the user experience that make things a bit easier and more refreshing, but they offer some neat features that are "tucked away" from plain view.

Those features can be uncovered with ease, though, making these devices even more compelling to use on a daily basis. For owners of today's hottest devices, here are some simple tricks and tips that can enhance their usability.

The Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy S3
Samsung's flagship Android phone comes packed with features that are part entertainment and part utility. Here are a few simple tips and tricks that will help to unlock their power even further for new buyers.

Conserve Battery Life

The Galaxy S III comes with a wide range of useful features that quickly drain battery life, from included Live Wallpapers to LTE connectivity and Bluetooth capabilities. Turning off Android's Live Wallpapers feature, disabling LTE in favor of a 3G connection, and turning off Bluetooth except when actively in use, can increase battery life by as much as a third.

Limit Data Usage

By navigating to the data and network settings area of Android on the Galaxy S III, recent buyers can actually set a limit for data on the mobile network. This is the single best way to prevent overage charges from a mobile service operator, and it's a feature that can't be found on iOS and BlackBerry devices.

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The Apple iPhone 5

Apple iPhone 5
For new buyers of Apple's flagship iPhone 5 device, most features have been advertised in countless TV ad spots. There are a few, though, that have easily flown under the radar and they deserve a mention.


Everyone knows about Siri, but very few people know about Dictation. The Dictation app is built into the iPhone 5's keyboard, and it can be activated by tapping on the microphone icon when typing a message. Simply speak into the phone and then tap the microphone again when finished. The spoken message will display on-screen in moments.

Full Screen Websites

In Safari, tap the icon with arrows pointing in two opposing directions to eliminate the navigational controls and browser address bar. Full-screen browsing is the best way to go when screen size is limited.

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The BlackBerry Z10

BlackBerry Z10
Mastering BlackBerry 10 is a tough task, but there are some easy tips that will help that process move along.

View All Apps at Once

As many as eight apps can be open at one time on the Z10, and it's easy to view them all at once. Simply swipe down on the home screen and then navigate the app previews that appear a few moments later.

Set Keyboard Shortcuts

By setting keyboard key combinations, it's easy to type just a few letters and have the BlackBerry automatically insert a longer word. This increases texting efficiency in a very dramatic way.

Great hints for today's Mobile professionals

Today's smartphones are all about features, and many of them are well advertised. Others, though, require digging a little deeper to fully enjoy each benefit that a smartphone has to offer. For a great experience, these tips are a perfect way to master today's hottest devices.

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