A To Z of Water Saving Tips

Water is very precious. So let us try to save it by following these A to Z water saving tips.

Save Water - Save Life
In the next 50 years there won’t be enough water for the world’s population if we carry on using it how we currently do. So it’s important that you make some changes to your lifestyle now starting at home.

Here we list 26 water saving tips, in alphabetical order, to make it easy for you to remember them when you need to.

  • As much as 90 liters of water can be preserved each week from a leaking tap.
  • Brush your teeth with the water off and rinse out using a glass. In the space of 60 seconds, almost 9 liters of water can be wasted if the tap is running.
  • Collect the leftover water from washing your food and use it to water your plants. 
  • Double the amount of water will be used if you don’t fill your washing machine. 
  • Egg shells are full of nutrients and make great plant food. Next time you boil an egg, cool the water and then pour it on your plants. 
  • Fridges are great for keeping things cold. Keep a jug of water in the fridge instead of running the tap every time you want a cold drink.
  • Grass will stay greener and require less watering if you let it grow a little longer.
  • Have your water connected by a company that is accredited by Lloyds Water Registration Scheme (WIRS). Make sure they are accredited before paying them. 
  • Install a water meter to monitor your exact water usage.
  • Just a daily shower for five minutes, can save as much as 400 liters of water a week, when compared to a bath.
  • Kettles don’t always need to be filled to the top. Only put in the amount you’re going to use. This will likewise save you cash on your energy bill.
  • Leave your heating on low when you’re not at home. This will prevent your water pipes from freezing and possibly bursting.
  • Monitor your water usage to estimate your water bills. 
  • No additional watering is needed for common shrubs and plants.
  • Over-watering is bad for your grass and will provide ideal grounds for roots to grow. Even in the hottest weather, your lawn only needs to be watered weekly. 
  • Put food dye in your toilet tank. If it manages to go straight into the lavatory bowl without flushing, then you have a leakage.
  • Question your local garden center about the water requirements for different plants.
  • Replace the cistern in your toilet to save water. If your toilet was produced before 1993 it will use more water per flush than newer models.
  • Sprinklers use the same amount of water in one hour as a family of four would use in a day.
  • Trigger spouts can waste as much as 225 liters of water on a weekly basis.
  • Use the dull water from your fish cistern to water your shrubberies. It’s high in phosphor and nitrogen, which is a decent source of fertilizer for your shrubberies.
  • Very ‘water efficient’ dishwashers and washing machines are now commonly available. The most cost-effective are those with a grade ‘A’.
  • Weeds take the nutrients and water from plants. Therefore, it is advisable to get rid of them as soon as possible.
  • Xeriscape will show you how to maintain a good garden with minimal water usage.
  • You should turn down the hot tap, instead of turning the cold tap up if the water is too hot.
  • Z The end of the alphabet but not the end of water saving tips. Tell us some you've learned over the years by leaving a comment below.
This might be the end of the alphabet but not the end of water saving concepts, so why not share these with your friends and tell us several other that you've learned ?

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