How to board on Indian Trains with PNR Status ?

Learn the Top 10 Tips on how to board on Indian trains with pnr status checks.

Indian Railways PNR Status Enquiry
There are various infrastructures that serve as the travel backbones of many countries. Well, if you have ever been to India before, you will come to the immediate conclusion that, their train and railway system in general is the central point of their transportation. There are so many passengers that use Indian trains for their daily routines. Some use them for school; others work, sightseeing for tourists, etc.

However; before any passenger boards an Indian train, there is the need to consider some tips on how the process must go. There are so many people who do not understand that, researching is always important before any train in India is boarded. The truth though is that, when an individual knows or has some tips and tricks to guide them by, everything falls in its right place and they have the best travelling time.

Some of the important tips to ensure are stated below :

1) There is no way you can go to the train station to board a train when you do not have a ticket. However; it is important to make sure that you check for seats available in trains while you make your ticket reservation. The process of making this status check also known as pnr status check is very simple but can be quite complex. After you have made your reservation for a non confirmed train seat, make sure you check using the pnr inquiry process to verify is your seat has been confirmed or not.

2) Some years ago, this could only be done by going back to the railway station. However; the process of checking for pnr railway status has evolved to be done online. This has made the status very easy and convenient.

3) Never go to an Indian railway station with too many stuff (luggage). This will help to protect you from being robbed. It will also help you to feel free in your movements. If you are in a group and have many luggage, that will be better.

4) Make sure you do not get the wrong train by ensuring the best methods via the internet or phone is used to check pnr status a day before travel. After you have all your details checked, never take for granted announcements made at the train station for granted. There are so many people that have ended up boarding wrong trains just because they did not listen.

5) When getting into your train, make sure it is done slowly and not in rush. Make sure you check your ticket for your seat number and walk straight to it.

6) It is best to know that, pnr stands for passenger name record. The record mostly comes with the total data of the passenger’s travel schedule that appears in the Computer Reservation System. It is important for you to note that, every pnr number comes in 10 digits. These digits are what you will use to verify or confirm your seats. There are 3 outcomes you might get when checking pnr status. They are the confirmed, wait listed and also the reservation against cancellation. If you need your ticket confirmed and you realize it is wait listed 2 days to your travel date, make sure you make some calls and inquiries.

7) One widely used method to ensure that status of pnr is checked right is by ensuring that you use widely known and credible processes. For instance; there are legal IRCTC websites that have systems on their websites to make sure status of pnr is checked perfectly. All you will need to do is to get the right website and you will get all the information you need by entering your 10 digit pnr.

8) You can also use or dial 139 on any landline from all over India and make inquiries following the IVRS also known as interactive voice response. This 139 number is a toll free number. This means, you will not need to worry about call charges.

9) Another method that has gained real popularity mostly has to do with the SMS inquiry system. Although this service was introduced a few years ago, many people have found it very welcoming and comforting especially when all you need are the right short codes to send your pnr codes to in order to get the information you need.  These short codes are 5888, 57886 or 5676747.  These numbers will always work. However; make sure you verify from your telecommunications networks with regards to the best compatibility for the network.

10) Never take your pnr check for granted especially if you do not want to show up at the train station with your luggage’s and no where to go because you are confused.

These 10 tips will go a long way to give you a relaxed time on your train travels.

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