How to create Strong Passwords ?

Learn the Tricks and Tips for creating the strong passwords which is difficult to crack and impossible to hack.

Strong Password
The password is a secret word or string of characters that is used for user authentication to prove identity, or for access approval to gain access to a resource. It should be kept secret from those not allowed access and must be challenging for the password cracker to guess or hack into it. But challenging the hacker might be difficult for many people online. Most of the people lose their online account due to weak passwords only.

A strong password is an important protection to help you have safer online transactions. So following this, here we will discuss about the method to be followed for creating the strong password for your accounts. Some or all might help protect your accounts and online transactions.

Tips for creating strong Passwords

Tips for creating Strong Password
  • Increase Length. Your password should be eight or more characters long. Its better to have long password for your accounts for greater security.
  • Make it Complex. You may include letters, punctuation, symbols, and numbers in your password. Use the entire keyboard, not just the letters and characters you use or see most often. The greater the variety of characters, the better would be your password. However, password hacking software automatically checks for common letter-to-symbol conversions, such as changing "and" to "&" or "to" to "2."
  • Make Variations. To keep your strong passwords effective, try to change them often. You may set an automatic reminder for yourself to change your passwords on your email, banking, and credit card websites about every three months or less.
  • Use Variety. Don't ever use the same password for everything. Cyber Criminals steal passwords on websites that have very little security, and then they may use that same password and user name in more secure environments, such as banking websites.
  • Avoid use of these. Cyber criminals use sophisticated tools that can rapidly decipher passwords. So avoid creating passwords that make use of 
  1. Dictionary words in any language.
  2. Words spelled backwards, common misspellings, and abbreviations.
  3. Sequences, repeated characters like: 12345678, 222222, abcdefg, or adjacent letters on the keyboard.
  4. Personal information like your name, birthday, driver's license, passport number, or similar information.

Tricks for creating and testing Passwords

  • If you are not sure about the strength of your password, then you can use the tool by Microsoft i.e Secure Password Checker. Here you can test the strength of your passwords by typing it into the box.
Secure Password Checker

Note: This tool does not guarantee the security of the password. This is for your personal reference only. Microsoft does not retain information entered into this password checker. The password you enter is checked and validated on your computer. It is not sent over the Internet.

  • You can also make use of another tool, for generating the Random Passwords, created by Dear Computer i.e. Pass. To use this tool, move your cursor left or right to decrease or increase the length and up or down to decrease or increase the difficulty of password respectively. If you like to use the generated password, just press " Ctrl + C " keys of your keyboard.
Dear Computer - Pass

Note : This tool is just for your reference. Use the password generated from this tool only on your own risk. We doesn't control or Guarantee the strength of password generated.

So these were the Trick and Tips for creating the Strong Passwords.
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