March 22, 2013

How to hide your Birthday Notification from friends on Facebook ?

Birthday Notification on Facebook
Many of us don't like to let others know about their birthday to other people or friends online at Facebook. It might be due to they don't like too many happy birthday wishes posts on their timeline or might be the reason to save them from giving the birthday party. Oh ! This may be the silly one. Never mind, now there is the simple Trick by which you can hide your birthday notifications from friends on Facebook.

To use this Trick just follow these simple steps :

  • Open your Profile page
  • Click on "Update Info" Tab, from just below your Profile pic.
  • Scroll down to "Basic Info" Tab and click on Edit button.
  • Now in the birthday section, select "Don’t show my birthday on my Timeline" option.
  • Finally press the Save button.
So this is the simple Trick to hide your Birthday Notification from friends on Facebook. Now you are free from the flooding greetings on your Timeline.