How to test Windows Phone online ?

Learn how to meet Windows Phone i.e the smartphone that is reinvented around you, online before buying it.

Windows Phone 8
Earlier we reviewed the all new Windows Phone 8 and discussed about its new features and specification. Now I am here with a new post which will help you in deciding whether the Windows Phone is good fit for you or not. You can now test the Windows Phone 8 online without actually buying it.

Without buying it ! Seems strange ..? But yes it is possible now to meet the new Windows Phone online.

But before you meet Windows Phone online, I would like to suggest you to kindly have a look over

Now you have learned the all about Windows Phone 8. Its the only phone with live tiles, designed to keep you closer to what matters most. Its the smartphone reinvented around you.

To test the phone follow these steps :

  • Now on the demo page, there is Windows Phone simulator.
  • To start the demo, just follow the blue dot.
  • Once you are back on the Start screen, choose any tile to continue.

A Tip for you : You can even login with Facebook from there to personalize the demo with your friends and photos.

So this is the simple Trick to test Windows Phone online. If you like this trick, kindly share this with your friends and drop a comment below.

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