iPhone 5 Tricks and Tips

Learn the Top 7 Tricks and Tips of the great Apple iPhone 5 smartphone that you may not be knowing.

iPhone 5 Tricks and Tips
The iPhone 5 is one of the most advanced smartphone yet. Apple's iPhone 5 has a larger screen, faster processor and other improvements that make it a worthwhile upgrade over its previous versions.

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Now you have understand all the great features of iPhone 5, finally its turn to squeeze even more performance and output out of iPhone 5 to improve its functionality iPhone 5.

So here are the Top 7 Tricks and Tips for iPhone 5, have a look over these.

Lock Screen Orientation

iPhone 5 Lock screen orientation

If you want your iPhone display to remain properly oriented while using it in landscape position, then you can orient the display of iPhone accordingly. To do this just double tap the home button, swipe to the right and tap the gray circle that pops up. Now the next time you hold your phone in landscape position, the display will remain properly oriented.

Improve Battery Life

Improve Battery life of iPhone 5
Getting most out of the smartphone battery is the wish of every smartphone user. Its easy improve the battery life of your smartphone, but without following some tips to do it, may result in negative effect on your battery.

Like any smartphone, the iPhone 5's wireless data adapters consume a lot of battery, so you can add hours to your iPhone’s battery life simply by turning OFF LTE and Wi-Fi.

To do so, just navigate to Settings  >>  General and Cellular. Now from here you can completely disable wireless data or Turn OFF LTE to reduce power consumption. Turning OFF the Wi-Fi in iPhone 5 is even easier. You can do this by going to Settings, opening up Wi-Fi Network at the top of the screen and the turning Wi-Fi off.

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View Websites in Full Screen

View Websites in Full Screen on iPhone 5
Similar to every smartphone, in iPhone 5 also you may view websites in full-screen mode without the clutter. To do this just turn your iPhone 5 sideways and click the converging arrows icon on the bottom right corner of the display. Now the website will expand to take up the entire screen. To exit full-screen mode simply tap the same icon again.

Turn ON the Do Not Disturb Feature

Turn ON the Do Not Disturb Feature in iPhone 5
This is a very handy tool that came out with iOS 6. To configure do not disturb feature in iPhone 5, just go to Settings and select Do Not Disturb. Now you can tweak the settings so you don’t receive alerts like text messages, emails or phone calls during the night or while you’re at work. Here you can also place contacts into your favorites list. The contacts in your favorites list will bypass your phone’s do not disturb settings, allowing your close friends and family to reach you at any time.

Take Quick Screenshots

Take Quick Screenshots in iPhone 5
By iPhone 5, you can take a screenshot of your phone in seconds with this convenient shortcut. To use this option, just hold down the Sleep / Wake button and press the Home button once. Now your phone will capture your current screen, and the screenshot will appear in your image gallery.

Use Siri Discretely

Use Siri Discretely in iPhone 5
Siri is one of the fantastic helper especially when you’re distracted, but she can be a little unpleasant when you’re around a company. For the better use of Siri just navigate to Settings  >>  General and then select Siri. Here you turn ON the Raise-to-Speak option. Now to access the Siri, simply raise your iPhone to your ear and you will notice that the best of Siri’s sound effects without sacrificing any core functionality.

Capture Panoramic Photos

Capture Panoramic Photos in iPhone 5
iPhone 5 can be used to snap a beautiful panoramic shot by just switching to the Panorama Mode in Camera and select which direction you’re going to pan the phone. To take Panoramic Pictures, just turn your phone to landscape position and slowly move the camera to either side. Now if you want to take a wider photo, just simply continue panning your camera and it would be there what you want.

So these were some Tricks and Tips of iPhone 5 that you can make use of, for greater experience.

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