Top 10 Home Moving Tips

Learn the tips to minimize the stress and organize the peaceful & exiting home move.

Home moving Tips
Moving home can be one of the most stressful experiences of your life. So to reduce the stress and overcome the bad experience, here are tips for moving your house. Read further for help to get your life, and your possessions, organized for a peaceful and exciting move.

  • The council of the area you’re moving to and from must be informed of your move. This is so they update your council tax record.
  • Moving home is the perfect time to get rid of any unwanted items. Throw away or recycle anything that is damaged. Everything else you can give to your local charity shop.
  • Put together one box with all the essential you will need for the first day in your new home. Some people open all their boxes looking for the kettle and cup to make a cup of tea.
  • Prior to leaving your old home, take electricity and gas meter readings. Do the same as soon as your reach your new house.
  • Double check that your loft and any other rooms that you hardly use are empty. You may not be able to get back anything you left there.
  • Your energy supplier will need to be informed of your move and if you will be using their service in your new house.
  • Inform your broadband and telephone supplier of your move and whether you will be using their service in your new house.
  • When packing, make sure you don’t make them too heavy. Small items can often be heavy and cause injury when lifted.
  • To avoid any problems, change the address on all your insurance policies as quick as you can. Insurance companies can refuse to pay out if you have an accident and discover your address is different to the address to that is on their records.
  • Get friends or family to look after your kids, while you make your new home ready to live in. Your stress of moving can be elevated with kids roaming about.

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