Top 10 Technology Tips for Children

Every child must follow these tips. This is the best guide and technology tips for today's digital age children.

Technology Tips for Children
Internet is a community of people who are interconnected by computers who exist in real. So regard the people you don’t know on the internet as strangers. You have to keep yourself protected from the people who want to trick and take advantage of you.

The following points should help you out in doing so.

1) Private information

Giving your personal information without your parent’s knowledge to some unknown person online might get you into trouble. Private information includes your home address, your last name, your telephone number and your school name. You need not give your complete information to someone online just because they asked you to do so.

2) Photos and Videos

Avoid sharing your pictures and videos online with strangers. You should also avoid sharing provocative photographs of your friends or yourself as you can’t administer as who should see them. You should inform your parents if a stranger asks you for your pictures or pose some personal questions.

3) Downloads

Every now and then attachments contain viruses. Don’t open an attachment from unknown email senders. Speak to your parents prior to downloading any attachment or any free software.

4) Social Networking

Most social networking sites and web hosting sites such as MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, etc. have minimum age terms to get registered or sign up. These terms are established to defend you.

5) Passwords

Ensure that you share your passwords with your parents and not with anybody else. When you use public computer systems make sure you logout of all the accounts you have accessed to prior to leaving that place.

6) Research

You can speak to your teacher or librarian or your parents about accurate and safe websites you can use for research. Whenever you use online info for your school project ensure you mention the sources you used to create your project. Public libraries offer you volumes of information.

7) Screen name

Whenever you create a screen name ensure that you won’t include your private information like date of birth or your last name or any other like information.

8) Online Ads

Avoid purchasing anything online without your parents’ consent. Few advertisements’ might trick you by telling you that you won something or offer you freebies as a means of gathering your personal info.

9) Online Friends

Never meet an online friend in person until your parent approves you of it. Many a time’s people pretend to be that they aren't  Do remember that everything you get to read online might not be true.

10) Bullying

In case you receive any insulting or demeaning messages, don’t respond to them. It would be nice if you’ll inform your parents about it first.

So these are Top 10 Technology Tips for the today's Digital Age Children.

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