Top 10 Tips for Booking Tickets by IRCTC Login

Learn the Top 10 tips that you will need to consider before booking tickets with your IRCTC Login.

The days when one had to join long queues at railway stations in India only to book tickets for travelling to cities far and near ended some years ago. Today, the internet and technology has given us so much to live for. Yes, there are so many ways the internet can be used today to ensure that only quality ticket booking processes are gone through with less stress than it used to be before.

The railway industry in India has gradually lived to fulfill the wishes and demands of all individuals that use the train on a regular basis. Also, this fulfillment has helped to make better the feeling that comes with getting your ticket and going to the train station to board a train.

Before you decide to book tickets however; you will need to consider the following tips :

1) By using the official IRCTC website, you can get all your train ticket bookings in their right proportions and places. All you need is to sign up that is, if you are not already signed up. The process of signing up is as easy as ABC now. All you will need to do is to register your preferred username and password into the system and you will be sent an email to verify your identity. To activate your account or IRCTC login, you will need to enter the link sent to your email address. The good news here is that, the process is super free and costs nothing.

2) After your account has been activated, you can them use your IRCTC login details to log in into the system. Click the “plan my travel” page and you will be given a form to fill. This form will be a form where you enter details or schedule of travel. You will see parts like boarding day or time, alighting destination stations, and so on. Due to the fact that it is being done online, you should naturally expect to be getting the electronic or e-ticket alternative of tickets.

3) After filling that part, you will then be sent to the “Find Trains” and also the “List of Trains” alternatives. This is where you will get to find out the exact and also variations in train timetable for your destination. You will also see the direction that will be used by trains and also the time. However; you will get train time perfectly when you click the mouse.

4) After you select your train type and also route and timing, you will need to select the class of travel in order to obtain or get to know the cost of the ticket. When checking the fares or charges, make sure you include service charges imposed by IRCTC including debit/credit costs. This is the only way you will be able to get the full fare charges and rates for your trip. If you are going with a group of three, you will then need to multiply the cost by three.

5) After you have decided on all travel alternatives with regards to the class and type of train not forgetting timing, you will then need to click the “Book” key or button in order to make your booking. However; you can click the reset button or key if you feel you need to make some changes.

6) As soon as you have the page for booking reservation before you, make sure you key in the right names, age, and also the type of berth you prefer. You will have a full view of all the information you have keyed in showing on your screen.

7) After you get all that sorted out, make sure you go ahead to the “Make Payment Options” button. That is where the payment process practically ends. Here, there are many options that can be used. First of all, if you have an international credit or debit card, it is welcomed. Also, there are unique train discount cards that you can also use.

8) There is and will always be a help option available for you to get all the assistance you need with regards to the process. This is why it is very important to ensure you use the “Help” button when you are stuck somewhere in the process.

9) After payment has been made, there are the options of getting a reservation slips. You can decide to print out your electronic reservation slip as soon as you want or by switching to the “Booked Tickets” link on the website. There are so many people that feel very safe using the “Booked Tickets” link because; it makes them feel better about the process especially for first timers.

10) The same process is what is used to also book return tickets.

It is best to note that, senior citizens are entitled or have the opportunities for discounts. So, make sure the senior citizen part is made clear as you go about booking reservations.

All these measures that have been taken to make ticket booking processes easy was set up to make sure tourists visiting India have the very best time. There are so many other benefits of using IRCTC login but ticketing is the main importance.

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