Trick to write blue text on Facebook linking to any profile

Learn the easy way to write your Facebook status update in clickable blue color text and impress your friends.

After posting many great Facebook tricks, now its turn to prank your friends by your status update on Facebook. Now you would be wondering that what is this Trick all about, don't worry I am going to explain you this now. Just read on further.

Basically by using this Trick, you will able to write your status in blue color. Now you will think that what's a big deal in this ? But wait this Trick is not only about writing status in blue color, through this you can write a text in blue color and the text would be a clickable link that will point to clicker's profile URL.

This means that the person who would click that link would redirected to his own profile. For example: If you click on your status or comment then you will be redirected to your profile and if somebody else of your friend or person seeing your status or comment click on that link, will be redirected to his / her own profile.

So to use the Trick to write blue text linking to clicker's profile on Facebook, just write

@@[1:[0:1:Your Text]]

in the text area of your status update or comment box (where you like to use this trick) and press enter. Before pressing Enter, change the words "Your Text" to the text you wish. It can be any thing from a single character or a big paragraph.

A Tip for using this Trick: You can also insert normal characters before and after the clickable blue text. For example : You can write this a status to impress your friends.

This @@[1:[0:1:Person]] is my best Friend.

Facebook Status Update Trick
Now the clickable blue color "person" text would point to the profile, who would be going to click it.

So this is the Trick to write blue text linking to clicker's profile on Facebook.
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