How to manage Google Plus Community ?

Learn the 3 great and easy tips to manage your Google Plus Community by using its searching capabilities and make your brand popular.

Google Plus Community
Google Plus has opened up pages to promote your brand. They have taken the initiative to redefine the social sharing. Do you want to check it out?

You might have seen that your Gmail Inbox gets a constant invitation to create a company page if you are a businessperson. If you received such mail, then you might have thought to explore the Google Plus.

Many of you are having online social media profiles, at platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn etc,. You are aware of the strategies to handle them. Google Plus too has some strategies to support and if you want to promote your brand through it, then you have to learn it.

To engage your brand at Google Plus you need to have a community. If you engage yourself with a community, then your brand page will show up more in the searches. This will help drive a large traffic to your website and propel a good source of profit generation.  Doesn’t it sound good? Now let us walk through the tactics.

You can work on these 3 tips to manage your Google Plus community effectively and make your brand popular.

1) Check notification and respond to them immediately.

As soon as you login in the Google Plus community, the first thing that you need to do is to check the notifications. Do not miss the opportunity to tell the people that you have checked their feedback.
  • If someone shares your post, thank him or her in reply.
  • Someone who shares a post with you for a reason, respond to it sensibly.
  • If someone mentions you in the comment, then do reply him or her with a suitable comment.
  • If someone adds you to the circle, check them and add them back to your circles, if reasonable.
Not only notifications, you need to go through the interactions and mentions that were not direct.

2) Search by name of brands and keywords to respond.

To stay engaged with your Google plus Community you have to adapt these steps and see what people are saying about you. Running a simple search will enable you to see the pages, posts and hangouts. You can use some SEO tools to reach out to people and thank them for sharing posts. Another way is to search by the brand name, like you can ask them to check your recent webinar, or follow you back on Twitter.

3) Communicate and Share your post to the members.

Google Plus is a popular social sharing platform just like Twitter and Facebook. To get the best out of Google Plus, interact with the people you follow. Click the +1 button for anything else that appeals to you. Post a comment or re-share the post from Google Plus audience. When you share posts, the followers divide it into their own links, allowing it to have five different interactions. This will helps in gathering dedicated audience.

Adopt these three great tactics to manage your Google Plus community due to its searching capabilities. Now you can interact with your clients, audience, fans etc, and keep a tab on a number of things. You can keep your community motivated, engaged, just in the similar way you do it with your Facebook and Twitter business pages.

As you might be busy with other social media platforms, so you ignore Google Plus. However, people if you are concerned to promote your brand then try out Google Plus now. They are giving the added advantage to business with a sharp and precise insight. With several features like hangouts, circles, Google Plus is creating a mark.

Submitted by : This article is contributed by Charles Malcolm, who is a digital marketing expert and a social media strategist working with companies offering phone customer service.

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