How to do flower arrangements for Home Decor ?

Learn the simple tips and techniques for creating flower arrangements for home decor.

Flower arrangements for Home Decor
Flowers can simply be bought off the market or they can be hand picked from your garden, both of which will look gorgeous and add brightness to any room. When hand picking from a garden make sure you are not completely trimming it to make bouquets for the entire street but a few for a centre table or a small gift will be quiet enough. Next follow these steps and an interesting arrangement to amaze your friends and family.

Preparation Techniques

Flowers should always be cut in the morning since that is when they are freshest and sharp cutting tools must be used for straight, clean edges. This step is also where you need to remove thorns off some flowers such as roses. Next they should be placed in water immediately and allowed to soak for around 6 to 8 hours.

When post cutting essentials are complete you can fill up a gorgeous vase with water that suits the size of your stems with their heights and the amount of stems with their total, compiled width. Many floral preservatives are available which will increase the lifespan of your arrangement, make sure to add the correct amount mentioned on the label. A quarter inch should be cut off from the bottom of each stem before immersing it in water. If you vase is made of glass and you want to keep the water clean then a tip is to add just a drop of bleach.


Flowers can look good just as their own but the addition of foliage just makes them even more attractive and your bunch automatically seems bigger, any arrangement should begin by the addition of foliage rather than flowers. For a cooler look opt for lacy leaves while for an airy feel add some delicate leaves. Take inspirations from a variety of digital canvas prints to get an idea of how they have arranged their foliage.

Tips for Creating Flower Arrangements

You can be traditional and pick out a few delicate flowers which appeal to you, combine them in a round bordered by foliage and simply plant them in a vase for a gorgeous looking bouquet. Flowers can also be arranged height wise in a bouquet with the tallest being the furthest and slowly the length decreases with shortest being at the bottom with pieces of foliage are used to fill up empty spaces.

Planting herbs in pots is also useful since they all have their own fresh smell if not flowers, but their variety of leaves adds beauty. Moreover using freshly grown herbs in cooking can be a treat.

Other than planting gorgeous flower arrangements in store bough vases homemade or artistic or simple cans can be used for a retro or personalised effect, simply think out of the box. You can take pictures of your summer blooms and bouquets formed and create a split canvas image for memories to last forever.

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