Top 10 Tricks and Tips for Job Interview

Here are the best tricks and tips along with do's and don'ts for the job seekers to make their interview successful.

Job Interview Tricks and Tips
Have you ever given an interview ? Have you ever had a question where you was not able to work out what the interviewer was asking, or you could give an answer but didn’t know if it was the right one ? Well ! many of you might have given an interview and many might be waiting for this opportunity. Do you know how to sell yourself in interview ?

No matter, if you are a professional or if this is your first job, interviews can be tricky to navigate. To be honest, no one can tell what exactly you need to do in any given interview. However, there are the things you can do to convince your potential employer that you're the candidate they are looking for.

Below are Top Tricks and Tips to be kept in mind while preparing for interview:

1) Take care of your Clothing

Take care of your Clothing
Firstly make sure you wear proper clothes while going for an interview. Your clothing should fits you properly, neither too tight nor too loose. Also make sure that your shoes are dressy, clean, and polished. Try to wear minimal jewelry and makeup for your special day of interview.

2) Be aware of your body language

Be aware of your body language
Body language can say much more about you, than your words can do. A good way to work on your body language is to record yourself while practicing your interview or practice in front of a mirror. This will let you know about your facial expressions and how you hold your body while you speak.

3) Be confident ! Even if you are nervous

Be confident ! Even if you are nervous
Sit all the way back on your chair with your hands clasped in front of you. This will help your shoulders to relax and keep you away from fidgeting with things in your pocket or tapping your pen. This may also help your hands to keep quiet, if you tend to talk with them a lot. Always maintain an eye contact and smile with the interviewer. If you have trouble looking into someone eye, then here is the trick for you. You may look at a spot between their eyes so that it appears as if you are looking into their eyes.

4) Give time to yourself

Give time to yourself
Try to leave plenty of time before you get to the interview. Rushing may create panic. Lateness would be noted, no matter what excuse you may have. As you know "First Impression is the Last Impression", lateness may create a negative impression and it might put you behind immediately. The waiting time for an interview gives you enough time to compose yourself, gather your thoughts and be mentally prepared for an interview.

5) Be polite

Be polite
Try to greet everyone around you, like the secretary or receptionist with a smile and a handshake. If you are rude to the front desk person, the person doing the hiring will likely hear about it. Smiling and shaking hands might add some extra marks to your interview report card. If you see other workers at the interview point, smile and say hello, as they might be your co-workers soon.

6) Do Practice and Be Prepared

Do Practice and Be Prepared
Practicing for an interview and seeking professional help is one of the most suggested activity. Never rote learn your lines as you can never predict what all the recruiter might ask. Memorising answers will make you stressed in the interview if you can't recall what you want to say.

Be sure to research about the company before the interview. This may be done by visiting their website, checking to see how their stock is performing, and asking friends and family if they know anything about that company. You should be also prepared for common interview questions. Many books and online articles may also help you out for this.

Moreover, never go for an interview empty handed. Take copies of your Resume, a list of References, a pen and some paper to take notes. This might put a good impression on the interviewer.

7) Research Yourself

Research Yourself
You should be self aware. Have a long hard look at what you have achieved, the way you have achieved and the skills you developed or demonstrated along the way. This type of research may help you understand your strengths. It would not only give you confidence but would also help you overcome panic.

8) Research about the Job Role

Research about the Job Role
You should research and understand all about the role in the Job that they are applying for. If you are unsure then try talking someone who knows about the role. You must try to find out which of the skills that the employer requires are actually the priority. You may also contact the recruiter if required and ask them the questions about the recruitment process like What the steps are ?, How long each step takes ? and etc.

9) Answer all questions Honestly and Thoroughly

Answer all questions Honestly and Thoroughly
You should always try to use only positive language. Never speak negatively about past employers or supervisors even if they are liable for those negative words. Rephrase and think twice before you answer any query, to make sure that you are answering right for the right question. If you are not sure about what the employer is asking you or why they are asking it then you must seek clarification. When you feel that you have answered a tough question, get the employer’s feedback before moving on.

10) Build Rapport

Build Rapport
One of the best way to relax is to assume that the interviewer is on your side. Good interviewers never try to trip you up. In fact, most of them are on your side and you may find very least that they will be approaching the interview in a professional manner. This would not only help you to relax but would also help you to put best at your interview to make it successful.

Do's and Don'ts of Interview

Do's and Don'ts of Interview
  • Do take as much time as you have available to you but don't wait until the last minute.
  • Do learn as much as you can about the company and the interviewers. Don't go in knowing nothing about the industry or the position for which you're being interviewed.
  • Do anticipate likely interview questions and plan your answers. Don't be caught off guard as a lack of preparation makes you seem like you don't want the job.
  • Do make a good first impression by showing up early and looking well dressed and well rested. Don't arrive late or looking disheveled.
  • Do practice everything from your handshake to your introduction. Don't fumble for words or sound unsure of yourself because you haven't rehearsed.
  • Do answer the questions honestly. Paint yourself in the best light, but remain humble and brief. Don't exaggerate or lie about your accomplishments. Droning on about your achievements can make you look phony.
  • Do remain polite, respectful, and positive. Don't complain about prior jobs you've held.
  • Do follow up with a "Thank You" note after the interview. Don't hound the hiring manager, as it could hurt your chances of being hired.

The above discussed Tricks & Tips and Do's & Don'ts are just a brief list of all the things to consider prior to an interview. Just remember one thing in your life, even the best interview of your life might not get you the job. But don't get down or take it personally. Most of the time it has nothing to do with you. So just keep applying for jobs and putting yourself out there and with hard work and determination. You'll surely get the job for which you would be happy and excited about.

So these were the Top 10 Tricks and Tips for Job Interview.

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