Top 5 Educational Apps for Students

Here is the list of top 5 educational applications for students that can be used on the smartphone or PC tablet.

Educational Apps for Students
 Smart devices and cloud-based computing have taken over almost all sectors including education, and an increasing number of students are increasingly using the web for facilitating their education. There are many educational apps that can help students make their studies easier. It may be a new experience to take advantage of educational apps on your Android, iPhone or BlackBerry, but these apps can really make learning more interactive and fun than ever.

Here is a list of top 5 educational apps that can do wonders for students. The following apps can be used on your smartphone or PC tablet. You can download them and make your studies more interesting and useful than ever before.

1) Chemical Touch App for Chemistry Classes

Chemical Touch App for Chemistry Classes
Do you find it difficult to get through your chemistry classes ? Most students find their chemistry classes to be one of the most challenging classes of all, especially when it comes to the periodic table. The Chemical Touch is designed for iOS devices and offers a touch-enabled and interactive periodic table.

What are the different features of this app ?
  • It is possible to browse all the elements on the periodic table.
  • Tap an element to get information about it.
  • You can learn about the different properties of an element and classify them according to color.
The Chemical Touch is a helpful tool that would add to your daily chemistry homework.

2) Studious App for Scheduling your Classes

Studious App for Scheduling your Classes
There is no denying that you have to work hard for your high school.  There are lots of classes to deal with, loads of homework and tests and then the frightening midterms. It can be extremely difficult for even the most talented student to manage all this. Studious is an app that can help you keep your schedule well on track.

You can use it to set all your due dates for assignments, tests and quizzes. Most notably, it would also silent your phone when you are in class if you have set the class schedule. If you are a serious student, this is one app that cannot be ignored.

3) AccelaStudy App for Learning Foreign Language

AccelaStudy App for Learning Foreign Language
Most of the time, students are required to take minimum 2 years of some foreign language. You would not just have to learn those new words, but go through lots of definitions, spellings and rules of grammar for an entirely new language.

However, AccelaStudy is one app that can make things easier when it is about learning a new language.
  • AccelaStudy would offer already-built flashcards for a number of languages including French, German and Spanish to make things easier.
  • The app has built-in audio quizzes to help you pronounce properly in the new language. Before sitting for those tests, these audio sessions would make things easier for you.

4) LearnersCloud App for Video Tutorials

LearnersCloud App for Video Tutorials
LearnersCloud is a simple app that allows students to take advantage of hundreds of videos that can help them in learning, revising and testing themselves.

The features of the app include :
  • Every topic clip being offered in the form of an animated tutorial.
  • All the videos are led by qualified teachers.
  • The teacher would bring the subjects to life by being present in a real-life situation or environment. This makes the tutorials to be even more engaging.
  • All the content is segmented on the basis of examination board. This would help you to customize the experience to the specifications of your exam board.

5) Easel SAT Prep Lite for SAT Preparation

Easel SAT Prep Lite for SAT Preparation
If you want to prepare for SAT, the Easel SAT Prep Lite app is designed specifically for you. How would it help you prepare for the test ?
  • The app presents you with 25 questions on all the topics you would be facing during the SAT test.
  • It would explain all the answers, which would help learn about questions that you answered wrong.
The free app offers limited number of questions, but the full version offers much more to help you prepare for your SAT.

All these apps not just make things easier but also fun when it comes to learning for regular classes or preparing for an exam.  These five are some of the most popular and useful apps. However, you can explore even more helpful apps by searching online.

Submitted by : This article is contributed by Kate Funk, who is an expert in online tutoring. She coaches individuals in SEO and business networking skills.

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