Killer Stupid First Aid Tricks

Here are some of the best killer and stupid first aid tricks that would actually work in saving life of patient.

First Aid Tricks
In an emergency medical situation whereby someone is bleeding, short of breath or just involved in a life threatening accident, a trip to the hospital or execution of some basic first aid tricks can mean a great difference between life and death. However, being keen enough not to violate the primary tenet of medicine of doing no harm should be your civic responsibility. Actually, equipping yourself with the right knowledge of how to render aid to your fellow human being who needs it badly without doing something stupid in the process is indeed very imperative.

In fact it's strongly recommended that as a responsible person, you should take least two or three evenings of your daily busy schedule to learn some basic lifesaving techniques. In the meantime, the following is a list of killer stupid first aid tricks some people do.

Doing nothing at all

This is the biggest stupid first aid trick, especially when it comes to ignoring symptoms that indicate an onset of a serious health complication. For instance, majority of people tend to ignore symptoms like headache, mild slurring of speech and weakness on one side of the body accompanied by confusion. Basically, prompt treatment or administration of the most appropriate first aid skills can help prevent irreversible damage on your body such as brain damage associated with stroke or heart attack. If you need professional medical help, then you should seek immediately.

Butter on burns

Smearing butter on butter is the commonest first aid trick that has been used since time immemorial. Unfortunately, a recent research has confirmed that it worsens the condition of the burn. Basically, a burn is a thermal damage and application of a greasy coating such as butter will only trap heat and make things worse for the burn victim. Usually, running cold water over the burn is the best thing to do as it not only helps to draw out the heat and hence but also it has an anesthetic influence. If your burn is anything beyond a first degree burn, especially if it's bleeding, a trip to the emergency room is inevitable.

Using tourniquet to deal with bleeding

Profuse bleeding is an extremity that's quite frightening and most people would find it easier to get a tourniquet and tighten the bleeding part down. While a tourniquet is truly the last resort, it can cause permanent damage to blood vessels, nerves and soft tissues.

Nevertheless, applying direct hand pressure will help stop bleeding within 3 minutes but you should call for emergency medical care if bleeding persists. Washing your bleeding wound with soapy water is also another stupid first aid trick on how to deal with bleeding, instead apply a triple antibiotic treatment.

Attempting to open the mouth of a seizure victim

While this is a useful first aid trick that might help an epileptic or any other seizure victim with breathing difficulty, it is quite difficult to administer and you might probably end up hurting yourself or the victim. A blocked airway is absolutely a life threatening condition. Try to loosen his/her necktie to facilitate breathing. Some seizures like epileptic seizures are normally brief and don't require immediate medical attention unless an injury was sustained during the incident.

Submitted by : This article is contributed by Julia, who is a passionate blogger and works as a provider of first aid training courses.

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