Top 8 Reasons - Why you should Do an Engineering Degree ?

Learn why you should study engineering with our top 8 reasons to get involved in the exciting world of engineering.

Why you should Do an Engineering Degree ?
Are you struggling to decide what you’d like to with yourself ? Trying to decide what to study at university or college ? If you enjoy working with numbers and find that science and maths come easy to you, engineering may just be your answer.

Here are 8 reasons that you should do an Engineering degree – and, beyond your studies, engineer a future for yourself in this exciting field !

8) Diversity

Engineering is a surprisingly diverse field, with a range of branches that increase, as does our technology and understanding of the world around us. Each of the major branches of engineering – civil, chemical, electrical and mechanical – contains its own sub-branches. Think molecular engineering, transport engineering, geotechnical engineering, computer engineering and the cutting edge aeronautical engineering. The options are seemingly endless.

Indeed, an engineering degree opens not just one pathway to your future but a whole range of different pathways – you just have to choose which.

7) Travel

Engineering skill shortages in many countries around the world mean that an engineering degree comes with promising opportunities for travel. Whether you take on an engineering career in a corporation, government firm, NGO or as your own boss, there is vast potential to get involved in engineering projects all around the world.

6) Financial Payoffs

Engineering is a highly-valued profession, which means it is a relatively highly-paid profession. Though, of course, salary earnings vary according to location, expertise and branch of engineering, overall it remains a lucrative job, making an engineering degree a worthwhile investment in your future.

5) Employability

Every country around the world has a need and, hence, a demand for engineers. In fact, it has a relatively low unemployment rate, meaning that job prospects are favourable for every graduate. If you study engineering and work hard throughout your degree, there is a high chance you will get a job in the engineering world straight out of university – particularly if you choose to do an engineering degree with a practical component such as an internship or cadetship.

4) Prestige

Engineers are just as widely respected and valued as the traditionally prestigious professions of law and medicine. And it’s no wonder why – engineering is a field that constantly builds and develops humanity’s capability and living standards, helping to bolster national competitiveness along the way. Even if you don’t go into the engineering profession, however, an engineering degree is an impressive asset to future employers in a range of fields.

3) Discovery

Engineering enables you to learn how the world – and much of its contents – works. From the simplest of structures through to the most complex mechanisms, a job in engineering means you can learn and experience virtually anything that interests you. And, just as thrillingly, you can learn and experience how to make the world better.

2) Excitement

...which brings us to a related point: the sheer exciting energy of engineering’s many fields. Though it is an established, prestigious profession, engineering also sits on the cutting edge of science, research and technological development, essentially filtering through the latest advancements to the everyday lives of millions. Being at the forefront of innovation is an exciting prospect, after all, and will enable you to constantly challenge yourself and grow as a worker and human being.

1) The chance to do Good

Throughout history, engineers have been at the forefront of building and developing society, improving countless people’s lives along the way. As an engineer, the opportunities to improve society – and, hence, people’s lives – are practically endless.

Few things are more personally rewarding than a career where you can make a real difference to the world – and engineering is one of the few options where you can achieve this personal satisfaction of doing good, without compromising on the financial rewards either.

Submitted by : This article is contributed by Andrea Mitchells, who is a freelance writer and civil engineering student. An all-round engineering and science nerd, she loves to write about her passion for her chosen profession and all its technological developments, from aeronautical innovations to vacuum forming.

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