Top 10 Important Steps to take after a Car Accident

Here are some of the important steps that is needed and should be taken just after you witness a car accident.

Car Accident
What can be more overwhelming than witnessing a car accident just in front of you? This is one experience that can be traumatic, especially when the vehicles are in a bad shape. This may mean that the victims may be in serious condition. People who witness these incidences may have different reactions. Some may stop and try to help the victims. Others may call for help. Still, others may drive away because they do not want to get involved. Since the victims’ lives may be in danger, and you may be their only means of surviving, you should take it upon yourself to stay.

You will never know when you will encounter such a scenario. For this reason, it is important to be prepared anytime and know what you should do in case you witness a car accident.

Things that you should do right after Witnessing a Road Accident :

1) Ask for Help

Call 911 to report the incident. The person on the other line will surely ask about vital information like the condition of the victim and the location of the accident. Try to be as accurate as possible and provide all necessary information as much as possible.

2) Check the Victims’ Condition

Try to tap the window or open the door to see how they are.

3) Try to see what you can do before Help arrives.

If you happen to be a registered nurse or have some medical background, you may offer some help, like CPR or other first aid procedures.

4) Unless necessary, do not try to move victims out of a Vehicle.

Moving victims out of a vehicle may do more harm than good, in case they are badly injured. Carrying them the wrong way may break their bones. So, unless the car looks as if it is going to explode, just wait for the paramedics.

5) Leave more than enough space for Emergency Services.

Most of the time, there are a lot of spectators during accidents. The area of the accident should be cleared of other vehicles and people so there will be a lot of space for the ambulance.

6) Slow down as you draw closer towards the Accident Scene.

You should turn on your hazard lights and drive slowly. Any sudden stop or turn of the wheel while driving may lead to another accident.

7) Wear something that has High Visibility.

When the accident happens at night, it would be good to have a high-visibility jacket around. Wearing this will allow other people to see you in the dark.

8) Take photos to gather Evidences of the Accident.

Most phones have cameras so you just need to take different photos at different angles. Also, take photos of the surroundings, especially damage to properties.

9) Give a statement to the police.

Police need to know what really happened and since you were at the scene, you can best give the complete facts.

10) Go home and Relax.

After a long stressful day, you deserve to take a rest.


While it may be distressing to see an accident, it is important to stay calm and know the right steps to do. This way, you can possibly help save the victims and provide vital information to the authorities.

Submitted by : This article is contributed by Jean Arnold, who is a passionate auto blogger and has worked as an accident investigator for nearly a decade. He recommends seriousaccidents.com for more information about car accident causes and how to avoid them. 

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