Top 10 Google Search Tricks and Tips

Here are the top 10 unknown but most useful google search tricks and tips to get maximum out of your search results.

Google Search Tricks and Tips
Google is not the only the search engine or search provider on the internet. When it comes the turn for search, Google's alternatives provides the tools necessary to search the Web. However the majority of Internet users choose Google over the rest of the competition. With that in mind, it’s important to make sure that all the Google users are utilizing, all the services offered by the Google to the users using its search engine.

Everyone knows how to do a normal search by typing some words and/or a phrase into the box provided. But Google Search offers a lot more than just this basic. Google has rolled out numerous innovations over the years designed to make user's lives easier. There might be many unknown tricks and tips for Google search, but we would be discussing here the the Top 10 out of those.

So here we have Top 10 Google search tricks and tips :

1) Time

  • Type: "time [location]"
This is the Google search trick by which you may get the current time of any place or location elsewhere in the world. This Google search shortcut allows you to see what time it is in any major city around the world without ever having to leave the comfort of the Google homepage.

2) Sunrise and Sunset

Sunrise and Sunset
  • Type: "sunrise [location]“. Example: “sunrise london"
  • Type: "sunset [location]“. Example: “sunset london"
These Google search tricks allow you to find out what time the Sun is due to rise and set on any given day in any given location.

3) Stocks

  • Type: "[name of stock]"
This Google search trick allows you keep an eye on the investment you made by buying stocks.

4) Demographics

  • Type: "population [location]"
  • Type: "unemployment rate [location]"
These Google search tricks would help check the demographics like population and unemployment rate for most of the popular locations around the world.

5) Translation

  • Type: "translate [words] [language]"
You may be already using Google Translate for translating one language into another. But you may also use a pared down version of Google Translate from the homepage with this trick, for single words or short phrases speed up the whole process.

6) Timer

  • Type: "set timer to [time]"
  • Type: "set timer for [time]"
We have watches, clocks, alarm clocks, timers, and stopwatches, all designed to measure time for one reason or another. Instead of these things, Google may be used for all these activities. You may use these simple tricks which let you set a timer either for a set amount of time or for a set time in the future.

7) Weather

  • Type: "weather [location]"
You may get to know about the basic forecast of any location by using this Google search trick and get all of the necessary information.

8) Converter and Calculator

Converter and Calculator
  • Type: "[1st Unit] equals [2nd Unit]"
  • Type: "[1st Value] [operation] [2nd Value]"
This trick is based on Google's most powerful built-in converter calculator that can help you convert any unit to another i.e currency, bytes, metrics, weight, length and much more. Not only this, you may also make use of the Advanced Scientific Calculator also by inserting the values to be calculated and applying the specific operation on that.

9) Track Flight Status

Track Flight Status
  • Type: "[Flight Number]"
You may use this Google Trick track the flight status of any airline i.e. get the arrival and departure times of the flights.

10) Domains

  • Type: "site:[domain]"
This trick may be used to search a particular website or domain.
For example: “site:toptrickstips.com” will show the only results from our site i.e. Top Tricks and Tips.

So these were the Top 10 Google search tricks and tips.

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