What to Keep and What to Trash while Moving ?

Here is the guide which help you to decide about what things to keep and what things to trash while moving your home.

What to Keep and Trash while Moving
Managing things while relocating to a new place is a daunting task. It can prove to be an expensive job in terms of both time and money. Judiciously sorting out your stuff will halve your pain of moving. By carrying stuff that could have been easily avoided, you not only add to your moving bills but you might end up needlessly cluttering up your new place.

Be systematic in your approach while managing the stuff to be carried. Before moving on to packing up your whole stuff, take out some time and figure out which stuff needs to be taken with you and which can be easily done away with. Here are some criteria that would help you in making out your carrying choice.

Avoid carrying Heavy and Bulky Stuff

There is no point in carrying the heavy stuff such as trash cans and some furniture pieces. Packing them could be such a laborious and a time consuming process. Moreover, they occupy too much room in the truck while moving and are more likely to be damaged during transit.

See if the stuff is easily Replaceable

Consider the value of replacing your stuff. As replacing a toaster is quite easy and cheap while you can carry an expensive coffee maker with you. Contemplating on the value of the stuff becomes vital as they would be eating up your investment in terms of the cost of packing material and space in the truck.

When was the last time you used it

If you have not seen an article for the past two years such as your old baseball kit then chances are high that you would not be using it in future. Look for the kitchen gadgets, electronics and appliances that you have not been used for a long time and prefer discarding them.

Suitability to your new place

If you had been making your mind about replacing the old items then this is the perfect time to do it. Consider the space and interiors of your new place. It would be a sheer wastage of money to carry an eight-foot couch that would not fit in a smaller room at the new place.

Based on the above criteria, organize your stuff accordingly in three categories:
  • To keep- Pile up separately or note down the stuff that you would be carrying with you to your new place. You can start packing it up accordingly.
  • To be sold off- Sell the stuff that you do not want to carry along and which can fetch you reasonable amount of money. You can put up this stuff on a garage sale or you can try exploring the option of selling them online. You will find several websites made specifically for this purpose which can get you good price for your things without making much effort. Consider storing your stuff with self storage services till you get the right price for them. This is typically suitable in case you are seeking to sell heavy articles such as furniture or your old motorcycle.
  • To be donated- Show some charity and send some of the unwanted stuff to your favourite charitable organizations.

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