Top 5 Reasons for Poor Financial Situation

Here are the top 5 reasons that won't allow people to fix their poor financial situation.

Poor Financial Situation
In 2012 over 1.2 million people declared bankruptcy. Many of these people had been struggling financially for years and believed that they would soon turn their situation around. Unfortunately this didn't turn out to be the case. Most people who are in a poor financial situation will struggle for years to get out of it and many will be ultimately unsuccessful. Here are the 5 reasons why you won't fix your poor financial situation.

Lifestyle Changes are too Hard

Humans are creatures of habits. Most people will drive to work the same way as they did yesterday and the day before that. They will do this without even thinking about what they are doing. Most of the aspects of our lifestyle including our spending and saving patterns are made in the same subconscious way. This means that they are extremely difficult to change.

Immediate Results are What People want no Long Term Strategies...Booooring

Chances are that you didn't get into your current financial problems overnight and you are not going to get out of them immediately either. Making significant changes to your financial circumstances takes time and there is no magic pill. Deciding to turn your financial situation around is just the first step on a long journey. The things that will make the difference such as budgeting aren't sexy and they take time to see results. With our instant gratification society many people simply don't have the patience.

You haven't hit the Wall yet

It’s easy to put your financial problems off for another day. Maybe you haven't maxed out all of your credit cards yet and the repo man hasn't taken your car. You may know that your financial situation is bleak and getting worse but prefer to put dealing with it off to some other time. Typically there is one incident that triggers the breaking point before most people do something about their financial situation. Maybe it is being made homeless, maybe it is being made bankrupt or maybe it is not even having enough money to fill up your car with gasoline. But until that breaking point is reached no change will be made.

You Lack the Education to make Informed Choices

Sometimes it is not the will to make a change that stops people but rather the lack of education on how to do it. There are specifics strategies and methods that have helped people to change their financial situation. However if you are not aware of these the task can seem insurmountable. What's more if you lack knowledge you may make poor decisions that actually make your financial situation worse.

Fear Failure

Lastly fear of failure can be a stumbling block for many people. It is much easier to say that you will fix your financial situation tomorrow than to try and do something about it today. Trying something can be scary because you risk that it might not work. However until you start trying things to change your financial situation you will never make a change. It is important to look at failure as feedback rather than something to be avoided. Use this feedback to help guide you towards those things that will help you to change your financial situation.

Simple steps like becoming aware of how much you really spend on basics, necessities and impulse purchases can take you a long way toward seeing solutions. A little research and asking questions to find alternatives is the beginning of a more solid financial condition.

Being aware of those things that are holding you back from changing your financial situation is the first step improving it. Until you understand why you haven't made the changes that you know you need to make your tomorrow is going to be exactly the same as your today.

Submitted by : This article is contributed by Michael Hastings, who is passionate about saving, investment and business. He is also a savvy investor who works for Nick Scali company

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