Top 5 Amazing Bathroom Technologies

Here is the article which would show people a few things that they can get for their bathroom if they want to embrace the future right now.

Amazing Bathroom Technologies
The bathrooms of the future are going to be amazing because of all the cool technologies that are on the horizon. At the moment you can pick up a few cool gadgets that will blow your mind. We're going to look at what they are and what they can do in case you're looking to embrace the future right now. You definitely won't be left disappointed by any of these.

Levaqua Showerhead

We all need to make sure we're not wasting too much water and the Levaqua showerhead will help you out. You can decide how long you want to spend under the water and when your time is coming to an end the showerhead will slow down the amount of water coming out until it runs to a stop. You can also choose the way the water comes out, so it can be set to spray, massage, or a combination of the two.

iHouse Smart Hydro Bathtub

This smart bathtub is possible one of the coolest things you will ever experience in your life. You can hook it up to your phone and turn it on when you're not even in the room. Don't worry about the water spilling everywhere because you will know exactly what level it's at and you can switch it off whenever you want. You might think it's pointless filling a tub when you're not there, but you can keep it at a certain temperature so it doesn't get cold.

Kohler's Numi Toilet

You have probably heard rumors of futuristic toilets sweeping through Japan and this amazing toilet is finally available for you to buy. It does cost a little more than you'd normally expect to pay for a toilet, but it's full of futuristic features you will love. When it gets cold I'm sure you would appreciate sitting on a warm seat. Some other features include an automatic lid, embedded deodorizers, and the ability to play music while you go about your business.

Withings Wifi Body Scales

Most people who want to lose weight will have a set of scales sitting on their bathroom floor because it's important to weigh yourself every morning. The great thing about these Wi-Fi scales is that you don't need to worry about how good you're doing before you get ready in the morning. The data will be sent to your phone and you can carefully track it at any time you want. You can even send the results to a friend, which is a good way for some people to stay motivated to reach their goals.

POSH View Interactive Mirror

Can you imagine the day when you have an interactive mirror in the bathroom that lets you check your text messages while you're getting ready? You will need to get the POSH View interactive mirror because it can do just that. You can use some cool apps including one that lets you know how long you've brushed your teeth for. Nothing on your screen will get in your way, so it will still work like an actual mirror.

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