Top 6 Best Jobs in the World

Looking to start a career which differs from the ordinary jobs? Here are six of the most weird, wacky, and wonderful jobs in the world.

Best Jobs in the World
We've all been in the phase of admiring someone else’s job and wishing ours was half as interesting. To give you some food for thought, we've pulled together some of the most fascinating jobs from around the world. If you still love your current job after reading these, kudos !

1) LEGO Sculptor

Yes, this is an actual profession. Remember the days when you sat down in front of a box of LEGO and set about building your dream house in multi-coloured blocks? For some people, this becomes more than just something you did as a kid. Based in Legoland Discovery Centres around the world, these sculptors are working against fairly tight budgets and thematic constraints to create sets and build models. Competition for these jobs is fierce, with estimates varying as to how many there are in the world – from nine to 30.

2) Shark Tank Cleaner

Window cleaning may not be the most fun of professions, but how about sharing your job with a bunch of sharks while simultaneously being watched by a crowd of people? If you love wildlife and the feeling of being in danger, this is the perfect job for you.

3) White Hat Hacker

Instead of stealing information from computers and using it to make money, you can be an ethical hacker. Ethical hacking, also known as intrusion testing or red teaming, is the profession of finding loopholes in an IT system and break into it. You should be a computer and network expert, and your job is to attack a security system on behalf of its owners, seeking vulnerabilities that a malicious hacker could exploit. With the increasing use of internet, ethical hacking has become essential in IT security industry today. Additional note: the top certified ethical hackers earn up to £80,000 per year. Wow.

4) Chocolate Consultant

This could be the ultimate job for those with a passion for fine food, especially dessert. There are various types of chocolate consultants, from those working with high street brands and liaising directly with their outlets to people that work with niche brands. However, this job is not simply about tasting. Working in the fine chocolate industry requires professional knowledge and skills just like in any other profession. The job of a chocolate consultant involves running events, tastings, doing consultancy for hospitality and retail, as well as seeking a particular chocolate for a client or extending their range.

5) Travel Writer

Getting paid for travelling may be one of the best things in the world. The downside? You have to travel a lot and keep a journal of your trips, no matter if it is a tourist attraction, a restaurant, or a round-the-world adventure (tough, we know). The best part of the job is that it combines visiting great places with having your name in print, and encourages you to discover the beauty of living on the road.

6) Bike Rider-Photographer for Google Maps

Google has hired two lucky young men to ride around France on tricycles snapping up photos of historical sites which are inaccessible by car, so that we can see the three-dimensional images to Google’s Street View Maps. Carrying nine cameras, a GPS, a computer and a generator in the three-wheeler, the rider/photographer will visit well-known sites such as the Chateau de Versailles, Jardin du Luxembourg or Les Halles – one of the coolest jobs you can imagine.

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