Tips to Prolong Car Battery's Life

Here are the top 7 tricks and tips to prolong your car battery's life with little care and maintenance.

Tips to Prolong Car Battery's Life
Statistics confirm that only a few car batteries last their shelf life. The reasons charted behind are plenty. As a fact, battery life varies from place to place and must be recharge repeatedly as the modern electronic accessories keep depleting the level. A battery with low charge dies faster. This is a big concern.

We have some tips for you to prolong your car’s battery life, so have a look over them:

Invest in a car battery insulation kit

Shielding the battery from extreme weather conditions is very important. New car owners need not get one as their cars have already furnished with one. When a replacement is required, you should invest in an exclusive piece, one that fits in the battery compartment perfectly. Buy a plastic insulation cools off the battery in summer and maintains the warmth in the summers.

A good charger

Empower your car battery with a charger that sustains the level of charging even when the car is not in use or when you are out on a holiday with friends or family. Also, ensure that the battery is fully charge when you do not intend to drive it for a week or two.

Tighten up the Shaking batteries

The security of the battery and therefore the car can uphold by tightening up the loose cables (if any) and examining the brackets. Corroded brackets need to replace immediately. Such brackets cause moving and shaking of the batteries and the adjoining parts. Vibrating batteries can also cause short circuit. It is equally important to inspect the car’s drive belts. Smashed up belts can foil proper recharge of the battery. They need replacement.

Do not let it corrode

Make sure the battery terminals are clean to evade any deposits and corrosion. Check them regularly (read monthly). The deposits may interfere with the flow of the electrical current of the car battery. Take the services of a skilled auto technician.

Avoid draining your battery

Prior to putting off the engine, switch off all the electronics and other devices of your car. These include interior lights, headlights, parking lights, windshield wipers, cell phone chargers, radio or any electronic music or video device, GPS navigation device and car alarm. By keeping any of these turned on, you risk draining the car battery in addition to damaging the car’s electrical system proviso you start the car with these in motion.

Alternator charging

Set the car in motion before running the car accessories. This lets the battery receive charge by the alternator, which generates electricity and charges the car battery after fall in the voltage. Do not operate car accessories when the car is not in motion.

Disconnect the car battery

Planning a trip overseas or planning to take a break from driving?  Removing the battery is a good idea. Read the car owner’s manual and follow the instructions. This will help in preserving the charge. Consult an expert, if DIY seems difficult.

PS: Keep the battery fully charged. Nothing can keep the battery live longer than this.

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