How to Get Rid of Car Rust ?

Do you want to know the secret in keeping your car looking like it just came out from the dealer’s store ? Keep it rust free with these simple tips.

Get Rid of Car Rust
That ooh so expensive car in your car garage looked so shiny when it has first seen the bend of your street. With the sunshine striking its red paint, it even looked more beautiful out there in the boulevards. For now, yes this can be likened to a popular movie star. Give it a couple of years and that once perfectly painted car could look like a beaten wagon if you are not too careful. It’s a nice piece of metal but it is not made of pure stainless steel.

New or expensive, all cars could end up with rusts given the right circumstances. Exposure to water and salt could speed this process even more. Lucky for you, there are now ways by which you can prevent this. Here are some simple tips to make your car looking new just like when you first acquired it.

1) Keep it spotless if you can.

Wash your Car
Have you ever tried getting out in the streets where all the cars are almost jammed together because of the traffic ? This will easily fill your lungs with smoke and dust. Puffing up the smoke doesn’t feel good at all, right ? It’s a lung cancer magnet. As for your car, it’s a rust magnet. Just a day spent in going to work or buying some stuff in the grocery store in the weekend makes your car collect some dirt and this is a recipe for disaster. Why ? A ball of dust is like a sponge. It absorbs water easily and creates an environment that makes it ideal for car rust formation. To prevent this, give it the extra tender loving care by having it car washed at least once in every two weeks.

2) Wax it up.

Wax up your Car
Ever wondered why the women today take the extra time to splash on some SPF cream or lotion on their skin before going outdoors just like they are obsessive about losing weight ? The sun is a very powerful wrinkle contributor. It could make your skin look older than your actual age in no time. Just like the skin, the sunlight could easily fade and damage the paint of your car. Once the paint cracks, then liquid and dirt could easily get into the metal parts, something you would never want to happen. Waxing your car will protect it from the harmful rays of the sun, eventually preventing it from rusting.

3) Look under the hood too.

Look under the hood of Car
A perfect paint on the outside does not always translate to a perfectly rust-free ride. If you are only paying attention to the body’s paint, your car could be rusting from the inside when you do not take the time to look at your engine. To prevent engine rust, this will need a good bathing and a dose of degreaser. If you do not have the time for it, you can have a mechanic do this for you or order an under the hood cleaning service when you visit the car wash.

4) Take note of the salt.

Take note of the salt for Car
If you live near the beach or use salt when removing ice from your car during winter, then you may be attracting rust troubles for your car. Wash the salt away since when this is combined with water, rust develops even faster than anticipated. If it’s possible to stay away from saltwater, then do so. If you can’t, then be careful of exterior nooks and crannies since problems like suspension rust may easily develop when salt is not washed away. For an added protection, you can also use rust preventive coating products.

If you already have cars laden with rusts, you can still salvage this by visiting your auto mechanic. Scraping and painting the rusty areas should fix the problem. You can even do this yourself if you are into DIY stuff.

Submitted by : This article is contributed by Justin, who is lead content curator for Buy Parts as well as a couple of other truck related blogs. He mostly spends his time selling vehicle parts and looking for super chargers. He also enjoys weight lifting, cheesy photos and time with his family.

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