Why My Car AC has Stopped Working ?

Learn more about the reasons due to which the air conditioner of your car might stop working. Here is the proper solution for each problem.

Car AC Stopped Working
Now when the summer days have arrived and the temperature is in 90s in most parts of the country, there would be sharp increase in the number of cars having air conditioning problems or malfunctioning issues. Often the car owners’ don’t pay any attention to their vehicle’s air conditioning system until they start feeling hot inside.

It’s certainly depressing news that your car’s AC isn’t working, particularly when you need it the most. If you just get into your car and found that its air conditioning system has stopped functioning, below are a list of some possible causes.

Cooling Fan isn't Working

Your car is outfitted with several fans and in some unfortunate scenarios, these fans may stop working. When you turn on your car’s AC, it’s mainly the high speed fans that should be turned on. But if they don’t get turned on, they need to be replaced ASAP.

Refrigerant of the Air Conditioning System is Leaking

Refrigerant leakage is one of the most commonly found air conditioning problems. In order to spot the leakage point in your air conditioning system, the mechanics use a fluorescent dye; it helps determine the leakage location easily. If your AC system has leakage problem, it needs to be sealed immediately and the system needs to be recharged with refrigerant. Find a good car air con recharge service station in your area.

Clutch is Locked Up

If the clutch opposite the cooling compressor gets locked up, it interrupts the cooling system from working. Sometimes an air gap problem causes the clutch to get locked in the off position which resists it from connecting with the compressor. And if the clutch gets locked up in ‘ON’ condition, it can keep the compressor constantly running. To fix the problem, you will need to take your car to a garage and get the compressor replaced.

Your Air Conditioning System has seen a Catastrophic Failure

Catastrophic failure means the entire cooling system has broken down suddenly and a chain of reactions, problems, will take place. For example, sometimes a bad leakage problem can locked up your compressor, which can eventually cause the entire air conditioning system to fail. In order to get back your system to standard working capacity, you will need to replace each and every components of your cooling system including compressor, condenser, receiver, evaporator and orifice tube.

Regular Maintenance is the Key

If you want to reduce your car repair expense or save inconvenience to the possible extent, make sure you get your air conditioning system checked at a regular interval, mostly once in a year. It’s quite usual for a cooling system to lose refrigerant over time, same as the car tyre lose air pressure over time. Refrigerant is extremely important to your car’s cooling system, as it lubricates the whole system. In dearth of lubrication, you face the risk of getting your compressor locked.

It is recommended to find a good car services provider company in your area that offers a complete air conditioning maintenance package. And take your car for air con recharge at least once in a year. Stay cool in summer with an up-to-date car AC.

Take care of your cooling system and it will take care of you !

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