How to speed up BSNL broadband connection ?

Learn the tricks and tips to increase the speed of your BSNL broadband connection easily with few steps.

BSNL Broadband Speed Up
Many of the times the speed of BSNL broadband is frustratingly slow. It mostly irritates us and we are left with none other option, to shut down the computer and our work. But there are tips and trick to increase speed of BSNL broadband.

Here are the tips and trick to increase speed of BSNL broadband :

1) Modifying DNS servers.
DNS Server
The major problem with BSNL broadband connection is the DNS servers that is provided by default. Most of the time these are very slow and sometimes fails to respond. But there is a simple solution to increase speed of our DNS resolutions. This can be done by opening up the network connection and editing TCP/IP settings. In the DNS server address fields specify or
Now disconnect the connection and connect again and it is done. This service is provided by open DNS.
2) Using good web browser.
Good Browsers
It is a good option if we use Mozilla Firefox browser for browsing, whether for BSNL or any other broadband connection. As Firefox users can use flash block extension to prevent downloading of flash content.

You can also chose the best browser from the list of Top 10 Browser, here is the list
This can prove to be a very intelligent browsing as it would definitely increase speeding of browsing to such extent. We can click the placeholder on that webpage to display the original flash content anytime. This trick would not only increase the browsing speed but would also help in reducing the data usage and further money if the broadband connection is limited.

So these are the simple tricks and tips to increase speed of BSNL broadband.

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